FLOOD: Existing Water Channels in Ogun need holistic review – NSE Abeokuta

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The Nigerian Society of Engineers Abeokuta Branch has urged the Ogun State government to re-assess all the existing water channels in the state due to the perennial flood tendency in the state.

While expressing solidarity with the government and people of the state on the unfortunate flood incident in Abeokuta metropolis on Saturday 4th July, 2020 which resulted in the loss of valuable property, the NSE advised that a detailed engineering study of the capacity of existing water channels in the metropolis should be carried out. This is in view of the significant increase in surface runoff from the increase in the length and width of the road network, particularly over the last few years.

In a Press statement signed by the NSE Abeokuta Branch Chairman, Engr. Dr. Olanrewaju Apampa, the NSE called for the principal outlet channels to the Ogun River, passing through Isale Oja Kuto, Sokori and Ijeja, to be widened, deepened and trained to enhance to a capacity determined from engineering design and evaluation.

Engr. Dr. Olanrewaju Apampa further called for a total re-assessment of the performance of all multiple cell ring culverts across the state, with a view to replacing them with box culverts of fewer but larger cells, or short to medium span bridges. The Adigbe multiple cell ring culvert is a typical example of this, he stated.

In the immediate term, Apampa advised the state government to step up the clearing and desilting of all water ways, removal of all obstructions for free flow of water, campaign against dumping of refuse in the waters and need for the maintenance of waterways to be institutionalized to a routine exercise.

While commending the State Government for its avowed commitment to own and bring to fruition, all on ongoing state projects, that have the potential to add value to the well-being of the citizenry, the NSE advocated for structural condition reassessment of all hydraulic structures like Ijeja and Isale Oja Kuto bridges impacted by this flood, with a view to identifying and remediating any defects or impairment, ahead of their total reconstruction.

As part of her corporate social responsibility, the Nigerian Society of Engineers Abeokuta branch stated that it is extending its hand of fellowship to Ogun State government by embarking on the preliminary engineering study of the capacity of water channels in the major metropolis of the state.


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