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Inno-Creativ Fair 2020: See some of the Projects On Display by Innovators at the recently concluded Fair In Lagos


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The Nigerian Society of Engineers recently organised its second edition of Innocreativ fair where innovators showcased their projects. Below are some of the prototypes and products on display.

Mobile Foot-Operated Handwashing Device

Team: Createup Designs: Ahmed Ayinla ; Simbiat Odeniyi, and Ibrahim Lawal

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Project Stage: Prototype

The Problem: The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is a global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge we have faced since World War Two. Since its emergence in Asia’s China late last year, the virus has spread to every continent except Antarctica. Cases are rising daily in Africa, the Americas, and Europe. Countries are racing to slow the spread of the virus by testing and treating patients, carrying out contact tracing, limiting travel, quarantining citizens, and cancelling large gatherings such as sporting events, concerts, and schools. As of 11th of May 2020, 4641 cases have been confirmed, 902 cases have been discharged and 150 deaths have been recorded in 34 states and the Federal Capital Territory and the figure keeps rising going by the experts’ projections.

The Solution: According to the World Health Organization, the most effective way to prevent the COVID-19 is by regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 40 seconds. After weeks of brainstorming on how to provide solution to curbing the global pandemic, we have been able to design and fabricate a simple foot operated mobile hand washing device which does not require touching in its operation. It also has tissue holder and instruction of use. This device is movable, durable, easy to operate, can be easily dissembled and assembled and aesthetically pleasing. It can be used in construction sites, banks, eateries and restaurants, bus stops, public places, garages, market places, business offices, educational institutions, stores and malls as well as hospitals.

Google Assistant Auto Switch
Innovator(s): Prince Bernard
Project Stage: Prototype

The Problem: Most homes leave their lights on which have led to high cost of electricity bills. In some cases, when there is a surge in supply, these bulbs get fried which can lead to fire sparks. The Solution: Getting a floor plan switch will allow house owners to switch off lights centrally. Presently working on designs to increase the number of light bulb it can control and finding ways to extend its application to other household appliances.

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KACHAM Detection & Alarm Device
Innovator(s): Nsude, Maduka Evaristus
Project Stage: Prototype

The Problem: There have been many cases of fire disaster which have led to loss of lives and property. Most of these events happened because of lack of early warning signals; and a good number of them also happened because the occupants were not around to quench the fire on time. Hence, there is need for a smart device that can sense indicators of fire and some elements that can cause it. There have also been many cases of burglary/theft, and most of these happened when the owners were not around. Hence, there is need for a smart device that can detect intruders and alert the owner and security agents.

The Solution: To solve the problems highlighted above, a smart security device called “KACHAM” has been developed.

Detects gas leakage, smoke and incredibly high heat.
Detects intruders
Starts calling and sending you (and others if you want) warning SMS on detecting any.
Triggers alarm
Has internal rechargeable battery.
This device is needed in homes, offices, factories, gas and petrol stations. It is needed everywhere.

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Coro Meter
Innovator(s): Nsude, Maduka Evaristus
Project Stage: Prototype
The Problem: There is scarcity of infra-red thermometers because of the high demand it has this COVID time. Hence, there is need to use locally-sourced materials to build one.

The Solution: I, therefore, developed a unique infra-red thermometer, which I named “CORO METER”.

Checks body temperature using contact-less infra-red sensor
Displays information about what should be done to stay safe from corona virus
Triggers alarm when body temperature is up to 38 degree Celsius or more, and displays emergency numbers to call for further tests
Has internal rechargeable battery
Uses ultrasonic sensor to know when you are close to the temperature sensor.

Stainless Steel Grinding Machine
Engr Edun Bose Mosunmola, Dada Oluwadamilare, Aremu Oluwaseye, and David Oluwatobi
Project Stage: Prototype

The Problem: Food contamination during grinding is one major issues associated with food processing.

The Solution: The new improved grinding machine that is electrically operated has been designed to mill different types of agricultural products both in the wet and dry states like maize, rice, soybeans, beans, melon pepper, and so on. The machine comprises of the following functional parts: the hopper, the 3hp electric motor, frame, shaft, and bearing, pressing stick made of Teflon, grinding plate, and perforated hose with a tap. A high grade of stainless recommended for various food processing steel was used for the prototype as one of the accessible materials. The grinding machine was designed both for domestic and industrial use to improve on the hygiene of food processing and to proffer solution to corrosion, wood or metal contamination, and manual method of applying water.

Automatic Digital Temperature-Sensing Fan Regulator
Engr Edun Bose Mosunmola, Dada Oluwadamilare, Aremu Oluwaseye, and David Oluwatobi
Project Stage: Prototype

The Problem: An automatic digital temperature- sensing fan regulator was designed using a microcontroller circuitry system with a LM-35 temperature sensor to sense the surrounding temperature, and automatically regulates itself with respect to the surrounding temperature.

The Solution: The LM-35 temperature sensor was employed to ease the stress involved in moving to a particular wall mounted fan regulator to control the fan.

Animation Teaching Aid
Innovator(s):Complete knowledge Foundation
Oluwafunsho Temitope – Team Lead, Olowo Iyanuoluwa, Innocent Adibe, and Tosin Folayan
Project Stage: Concept

The Problem: With the increase and gap in teaching and learning. Lack of adequate technical amenities in school.

The Solution: This design is based on using cost effective animation and picture illustrations for teaching and learning. This innovative will aid students in all stages of learning from reception to Nursery to primary and finally to secondary school. Animate learning will cover learning using picture/cartoon character, 2D and 3D animation to learn.

Smart Water Pump Controller
Innovator(s): Trusmarttech
Project Stage: Prototype

The Problem: In Northern Nigeria and some housing estates across Nigeria residents are faced with the challenge of pumping water from the public water supply to their private water overhead tank. Someone has to be alert to manage this process else there will not be water for use, the compound might be flooded with water or the pumping machine might get damaged from pumping air.

The Solution: With our Smart water pump controller – water from the central public source will be automatically pumped into a reservoir tank. From the reservoir tank, water will then be pumped into the overhead tank that serves the house directly. With this solution, water will always be available in the house for use whenever there is supply from the central public source, the water pump will be protected from low or high voltage and the water pump will only come ON when water is available to be pumped thereby protecting the water pump.

DICovid Disinfectant Booth
Innovator(s): DICovid Group
Adeoye Oluwafemi and Engr Charles Akintola
Project Stage: Design

The Problem: There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a serious challenge to the global economy and health of humans all over the world, Nigeria inclusive. According to the NCDC and the Ministry of health, the pandemic is now been transferred through community transmission in Nigeria. There is need to reduce and curb the community spread of this deadly virus. In a bid to contribute our quota to the effort of the NSE, State and Federal government to fight the spread and flatten the transmission curve. This challenge pushed us to create this innovation.

In 2019, the Branch Commenced the Innocreativ fair as part of the efforts to assist innovators showcase their products and prototypes as well as attract funding or partners. You can read the 2019 edition below.

Ikeja first inno-creativ fair: Engineers seek support for Innovators to Commercialize their products

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