The Nigerian Society of Engineers is the apex body of professional engineers in Nigeria. As part of its desire to ensure that members are able to advance their professional development in a fast paced technology world, it created Divisions which are independent and with coverage across the country to carter for each discipline and their distinct professional needs. One of such Divisions is Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Also known as NIMechE.

Founded originally as a Department within the Nigerian Society of Engineers, it became a full Institution in December 2002 under the leadership of Engr. Chief Akintunde Zedomi, a fellow of NSE.

The organisation has since evolved with chapters in all the six geopolitical zones in the country and also with student extension on various campuses of tertiary institutions where mechanical engineering is accredited in the country.

As part of its efforts at serving the students members and also encourage them to begin their professional journey from campus, the Institution established student arm name National Students Forum of NIMechE. NIMechE-NSF.

WHY DO I NEED TO BECOME A STUDENT MEMBER OF THE NIGERIAN INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS?The Nigerian Institution Of Mechanical Engineers-National Student Forum (NIMechE-NSF) is dedicated to the unification of all tertiary institutions offering mechanical engineering across the country by bringing all, under the umbrella of the institution, vis-à-vis adopting uniform name, participating in professional activities and also developing requisite skills needed to fit into the labor market by helping bridge the gap between classroom and work place.

The NIMechE-NSF is also the platform created by the institution to Carter for the need of the young members.

It function through the networks of universities and Polytechnics across the country with each under supervision of a registered engineer or the HOD who is mechanical engineer as adviser.

The body runs it’s own leadership structure which also hold Annual Meeting on same venue as he national body to elect it’s national officers.

Through the body, students asks dress given opportunities to network and also benefit from the intervention programmes. The NIMechE is also using the body as platform for its mentorship programme.

In the past few years, the body has organised a innovation Challenges and other programmes in conjunction with Engineers Against Poverty. Aimed at stimulating the student into using their skill toward solving local challenges, the innovation Challenges have gone through many phases and currently

Founded in ..

Why do I need to be part of NIMechE-NSF?
Handpicking and explaining summarily some of the points and reasons why every mechanical engineering student most participate in NIMechE-NSF are highlighted below:

Education is the core concern of NIMechE-NSF as it is the basis that lead to its formation as well keeps it running that’s why all its programs are directed toward adding knowledge, sharing knowledge and/or recycling knowledge to its members through student development programs. The programs are filled with educational activities ranging from symposiums, competitions, project exhibitions, presentations and lots more during its annual mechanical engineering convention. This alone is quite enough reason to make each and every mechanical engineering student participate in the activities of the institution.

WHY DO I NEED TO BECOME A STUDENT MEMBER OF THE NIGERIAN INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS?One of the most important reasons to make every mechanical engineering students participate in NIMechE-NSF activitiesis the skills and exposure to real mechanical engineering practices he will acquire there by bridging the wide gap between the academia and the real practice which as such will set him up with the necessary skills to fit into the labor market

• Being a member of NIMechE-NSF qualifies one for NSE
membership as such giving him an easy path to access his license so as to be able to practice his profession after school which is the hope and dream of everyone.

Members of NIMechE-NSF often get priority registration in events held by the institution at student level, by the mother Institution NIMechE as well NSE at large, together with reasonable and encouraging discount.

As NIMechE-NSF programs exposes members to real engineering practices and do educate them about current engineering position and the direction it is heading,with technology altogether, students do tap out a lot of opportunities and utilize it for undergraduate projects and beyond. It also serves as an avenue where students and other intellectuals will expose their engineering talents and firms and students from different segments having similar ideas and thoughts will liaise to work together which at the end will yield a prideful result.

It is also a means of gaining support from external project sponsors.

Participation and presentation of project ideas and engineering innovations at symposiums organized by the institution is an excellent room for job hunting.Engineering firms and organizations will be present and students with explicit and wonderful ideas are likely to have their job offers right away before graduation.

• A good platform to contribute to the betterment of mechanical engineering
student and their practices
• A means to communicate the challenges facing students at various levels
• A forum to get protection from and support so as to get linked up and create
good relationship with others within the engineering discipline
• A room to acquire basic leadership and followership experience

The advantages, benefits as well as the reasons why every mechanical engineering student needs to be part of NIMechE-NSF are vividly clear that it doesn’t have to be overemphasized

How Can you be a member?

Your best bet as a student is to apply through your school. Check out if your departmental association is affiliated to NIMechE.

If the above is positive, apply through them and start associating with them. If negative, talk to your departmental association president. Perchance they are already working on it. Talk to your HOD. If all these are also negative send email to NIMechE National for direct membership and guide.

What else are you waiting???

Hurry now to the nearest NIMechE-NSF chapter and grab your membership form or email us at nimechehq@gmail.com


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