Covenant University to host technology conference this March — CU-Ota Tech Expo


There is a subtle but sure revolution happening in our world today. Because it is gradual, many people do not realize the potential it has to create great and exciting opportunities, as well as disruptive and sometimes devastating outcomes. This revolution emerging on the horizon is technology-driven and is predicted to have such a far-reaching impact that it can leave governments, businesses and individuals unsettled. If we are not to be caught unawares there is a need for Nigerians to prepare at the administrative, corporate and personal levels for this transformative change.

This is why the CU-Ota Tech Expo 1.0 was established to inform, prepare and equip people for the change that is evolving in our space. This Tech Summit is a first of its kind “Gown and Town” partnership between Covenant University and the Ota community where the institution is located.

At the CU-Ota Tech Expo 1.0, we will profile emerging transformative technologies and their expected impact on people’s lives, their work, the business they do and the community they live in. Speakers at the event will highlight what governments, companies, and individuals need to do to remain relevant in the face of fast-paced shifts driven by technology.

Aptly themed “The 4th Industrial Revolution: Future for Businesses, the Work Place and Communities”, the conference has assembled an interesting lineup of high profile keynote speakers including people from Google, Andela, BBC, Gridcode, Semicolon, Piggyvest, VR360, Rise Networks, Digitalpassion, Joshfortech, Netmodel Technologies and Covenant University.

It’s not going to be all talk as subject-matter experts will handle practical training workshops in smaller groups every day to empower participants with skills on topics like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Drone-tech, 3D printing, BIM 360, Web Authoring and more. You will have an opportunity to learn a valuable skill that can help you stay relevant in years to come, start your journey in a tech career or earn an income for life.

Join us on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th March 2020 for two inspiring days of knowledge engagement and skill transfer. You can register FREE now ( for the conference and practical workshop sessions. Over 1000 participants from both gown and town will converge at Covenant University for this inaugural event. Student representatives from about 10 higher institutions in the nation are also expected at the event.

Technology Showcase and Exhibition
Companies that play in the tech space will be displaying and showcasing their gadgets, products, and services to the summit participants in the exhibition section of the conference to demonstrate real-world applications of diverse technologies. If your company wants to take advantage of this opportunity to exhibit your products or services, register now (

Idea Pitch Competition
There is an opportunity for students teams from higher institutions to win a handsome cash award and a business training package by pitching an idea or hacking a solution to a need area in any sector of the Nigerian economy using any or a mix of the following Industry 4.0 technologies – Ai, VR, AR, IoT, Data Science, Big Data, and Blockchain. Register now ( for this competition. The solution must be delivered either as an idea, a pitch deck for a startup, or a working prototype. Entries will be prejudged and only selected top submissions will pitch.

Secondary School Essay Challenge
Secondary students are also going to be demonstrating their depth of knowledge and awareness about the 4th Industrial Revolution by squaring it out in an essay competition, with a grand prize for the winner and runner-up. Submissions are already being received from interested schools.

Post-Conference Engagement
And it won’t all end at the conference. FREE periodic training in Entrepreneurship and IT skills will be offered by Hebron Startup Labs of Covenant University for prequalified individuals drawn from among the participants at the conference

Sponsorship and Partnership
The conference is open to sponsorships from companies in the technology and related space. Information requests about sponsorship engagement should be emailed to .

Register now ( as limited slots are filling up fast. Visit for more details.


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