Babagana lays out Bold Action Plan: here is the summary of the activities in the next two years

Babagana Mohammed

1. Preparation of 5 year Strategic Development Master Plan
2. Innovation Management
 Young Engineers Innovation Summit
 Establishment of Enterprise Development Advisory Desk for Young Engineers
 Creation of Research and Innovation Platform (for reporting In-Country advanced researches and innovation)
 Advocacy for Commercialization of members’ Innovative Engineering Projects in Collaboration with SMEDAN, BOI and other Enterprise Development Agencies
 Advocacy and Commissioned Studies for establishment of Regional Innovation Hubs and Industrial Parks
3. Ad-Hoc Committee on Implementation of Presidential Executive Order 5
4. Establishment of Study Group to propose Bills on Engineering Development and Practice policies to the National Assembly
5. Research Collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes
6. Regional Economic Development Summit
7. Establishment of Study Groups to carry out holistic Assessment/Appraisal of some critical sectors of the national economy (Power Supply, Iron and Steel Industry, Paper Industry, Roads etc) with comprehensive Position Papers
8. Monitoring of Implementation of Engineering Education Curriculum in Tertiary Institutions
9. Establishment of Engineering Staff College of Nigeria similar to India
10. Development of Nigerian Codes and Standards
11. Technical and Vocational Education and Training Summit
12. Community Engineering
13. Completion of NEC Phase II
14. Renovation of NEC Phase I and Lagos Liaison Office


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