Apapa gridlock: More vessels berth at eastern ports

Congestion on Apapa port roads in Lagos, eastern port reduced charges and other incentives may have encouraged more vessels to berth at the eastern ports.
There are currently 165 vessels moored at the eastern ports of Calabar, Rivers and Onne, findings by our correspondent have shown.
At the Rivers port, there are 50 vessels while 11 vessels are being expected.
Calabar has eight vessels  while one is being expected.
Onne, which is the largest oil and gas free zone in the world, has about 107 vessels while 12 are expected.
It was gathered that all the vessels arrived this month.
The Lagos Port Complex has received 78 vessels while 61 are expected.
The situation was the reverse in December 2019 as the Lagos port complex received 13 vessels while Calabar, Rivers and Warri ports berthed a total of six vessels;  three, one and two respectively.
According to data obtained from the Nigerian Ports Authority Shipping Position, one of the vessels that called at Calabar port carried bulk wheat, another carried petrol while the third carried ballast.
The vessel that called at Warri port on December 29 carried tiles and floating glass.
On December 25, 2019, a vessel, Asian Champion, called at Rivers port with bulk wheat while another one, Tornado, berthed on December 30 with Premium Motor Spirit (petrol).
At the Lagos port, vessels called from December 24 to December 31 bearing items ranging from bulk sugar to bulk wheat, petrol  and general cargo.
Traffic to the Lagos port was very heavy in December leading to spillover of congestion that started inside the port and extended to the access roads.
The situation is the same most year-end around Lagos port at the expense of the eastern ports.


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