Jeff Bezos announces Amazon is donating $1 million Australian to help the country recover from the devastating brushfires

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a Saturday evening Instagram post that Amazon would be donating $1 million Australian dollars (roughly $690, 000 USD) in “needed provisions and services” to help Australia recover from the devastating fires .

“Our hearts go out to all Australians, the country’s communities, bushland, and wildlife affected by the devastating bushfires,” the company said on its website . “Using Amazon’s unique logistics and innovative technologies, along with cash donations to support organizations on the front line of relief efforts, Amazon is contributing AU$1million to national efforts to provide relief to communities impacted by this natural disaster.”

The infernos have claimed over 25 million acres of Australian land , and killed nearly 1 billion animals since they began in late December, according to some estimates.

On top of that, 27 people have perished in the blazes across Australia’s countryside.

The fires started due to exceptionally hot and dry conditions. Australia experienced its dreest spring on record in 2019, and December 18 was the hottest day in Australian history, with average temperatures across the country exceeding 105 degrees Farenheit .

On Friday, thousands of Australians took to the streets to call for more robust action on climate change, and some urged for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to resign .

Thousands of Australians are calling for their prime minster’s resignation. He’s vowed to keep exporting coal, despite the link between fires and climate change.

Up to 10,000 dehydrated camels will be killed in Australia as the country faces catastrophic bushfires and long droughts
Surreal photos show smoke from Australia’s bushfires turning the sky in New Zealand orange 1,200 miles away.


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