Govt has removed HND/BSC Dichotomy and Engineering needs to abolish Technologist Title – Rector

The Rector, Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti, Dr. Hephzibar Oladebeye, has said the dichotomy between Bachelor Degrees and Higher National Diploma holders has been largely removed by the federal government and that it is no longer a barrier to acquire polytechnic education. He however stated that what remain in is the practice where HND holders are given the title of technologist in engineering field and called for this to be nipped in the bud.”

Oladebeye said time has come for the country to place high premium priority on the acquisition of technical education, saying many of the diploma holders were doing far better than their counterparts from the universities.

Oladebeye spoke at the Polytechnic on Monday when the Dean, School of Environmental Studies, Surveyor Abiodun Oyedokun presented the Laurel won by the students of the Department of Quantity Surveying at the inter school quiz competition organised by the Nigeria Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

Oyedokun said the competition involved the Nigerian polytechnics and universities offering Quantity Surveying across the nation.

Oladebeye praised the federal government for handling the dichotomy issue, saying the fact that one is a graduate of polytechnics doesn’t make him inferior academically and in competence to Bachelor degree holders.

“The issue of dichotomy is being handled by government and if you check the records, the entry point for both HND and Bachelor degree is now the same.

“But what remains is that, HND holders are given a title of technology while Bachelor holders are called Engineers that is in the engineering field and this has to be nipped in the bud.

“In actual fact, I don’t see anything in this much touted dichotomy of a thing, because it could only apply when an HND holders are not ready to go further. If you know you have a good grade at HND, you can easily go to university and get your post graduate diploma and Master’s degree and dichotomy will cease to happen.

“So, it is only applicable to those who want to make the HND the bar of their academic careers. But largely, the dichotomy between polytechnic and university has been taken care of and it is no longer a barrier for any person who desires higher position for himself and should not be issue to worry about.”

He praised the students for doing the polytechnic proud, saying : “this is the kind of achievement we want to hear about. While some are engaging in unprofitable ventures, you are bringing laurels that will project our image.

“The governing council will celebrate this. This is a proof that we know what we are doing here. You have done the institution , myself and yourselves proud with this feat.”

The Dean , School of Environmental Studies, Surveyor Oyedokun, said the students had earlier won the southwest quiz competition before proceeding to the national level to win another laurel.

-Daily Post


  1. I sometimes wonder how people make their verdict. I am not a QS and doesnt know their curriculum, either for Polytechnic or University, but these curricula are not the same for Engineering. I know this by schooling in the University as well as Founding a Department and teaching in the Politechnic.
    Dont expect any serious student in Nigeria’s University system to leave his pile of work to go and be serious with some quiz against Polytechnic students who were being spoon-fed.
    University makes you innovative, original, and creative – develop new theories to make your profession easier to practice, etc – which contrasts with Polytechnic system where things are taught in details and expected to support innovations from premature retirement in the market.
    Whoever organized such competition must be very myopic to contemplate such thing. It is comparing dissimilar items on the same scale. One would already be at disadvantage.


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