I can see about 242 registered engineers in Asaba Branch. On a regional level, I’m sure we have over 2,000 registered engineers in Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa-Ibom and Cross Rivers States combined. If so, it then means that with 50% attendance, we will achieve a MAJORITY status in NSE.

The problem is our lackadaisical attitude towards this annual event. It is very feasible to have a South-South president without the zoning being canvassed.

Truly, the SS and SE engineers have been seriously offended by the way and manner that the current NSE President conducted the affairs of the last EGM in Abuja. In my humble opinion, the thought of pulling out of NSE should not be an alternative option.

As a past Chairman of this great branch, I feel I owe it a duty to air my candid opinion especially on the issue of seceding from NSE to form a parallel Engineering body. Time is a great healer. Within two months from now, Engr Mokuolu’s leadership of the NSE would have become history.

In life, dispute is bound to arise. From the look of things, the major challenge we have is not NSE but the current President & Chairman in Council. He insulted the sensibilities of the SS & SE Engineers. This issue is being addressed. Kudos to all involved including members of Asaba Branch.

Consider this scenario, a husband is offended gets angry and walks out to avoid collateral damages; a wife is offended, gets angry and gets emotional and destroys all that both of them jointly built together over time. Or vice versa. Which would you consider a wiser decision.

Let us even look back at the history of NSE. Who built the house called NSE ? Engr Aiwerioba from the Midwest turned Bendel and now Edo & Delta States championed the cause of establishing this Noble professional body. Do we then destroy the house that we planned and collectively built?

I really do not think it is the right way to go. It is my considered opinion that we should not be seen to be throwing away the dirty baby water together with the bath tub.

PLEASE, LET US THINK BEFORE WE LEAP.As for me, I choose not to follow the call for the formation of a separate Engineering body besides the NSE. I remain a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers.

THIS IS MY DECISION, IT IS MY CHOICE. We rather mend this broken fence before we regret OUR ACTIONS AND INACTION..

Engr A.O. Onyokoko FNSE & Past Chairman.


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