The Obsession with COREN and the Reality of Our profession by Adeniyi Adewale

COREN is mostly pronounced among the Engineers because its been misconstrued to be the highest level in Engineering profession which is wrong. Its just because of the prestigious nature of being called an “Engineer” and I can tell you that it doesn’t bring food to the table. Its what you can do that matters not the tittle.

Where are the engineers of yesterday who refused to update their knowledge , I can tell you that they are obsolete and redundant because they don’t fit into the present day engineering personnel requirements.

NSE (Nigerian Society of Engineers) is society of people with like minds, knowledge or profession (Engineering ). Its just a society and its membership is voluntary. It’s being made compulsory because its part of the requirements of COREN to be a member of a professional body. If there was a professional body or society of engineering apart from NSE, it can also be recognized. Its not compulsory to join NSE but being a COREN certified engineer is Mandatory.

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Everybody cannot be Engineer. Other cadres even have more manpower requirements than Engineers. The country needs more Technologists , technicians than Engineers.


  1. It is wrong to stipulate membership of NSE being a prerequisite for COREN registration. I had observed it earlier, thank you for the confirmation.
    On the manpower requirement; it would be wrong to say we need more techs than ingeniers. Just having a COREN seal doesnt make an ingenier but level of competence. We have so many people with seal currently but all our ingeniereing are outsourced to foreign firms. This is an error!
    Saying we need more techs than ingeniers would mean accepting foreigners to do the ingeniereing while we struggle with the crumbs. This is condemnable and unacceptible anywhere. We need more ingeniers to relieve these foreigners of ingeniereing.
    When foreigners do the ingeniereing, they do it in a way that exotic trades, crafts, and technologies are used to implement, build, or construct them. If we do the ingeniereing, we tailor it in ways that local competences are used in their implementation.
    We understand the local terrain more than foreigners – in terms of available trades, crafts, and technologies, etc, needed in implementing designs from ingeniers.


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