Words are not enough to express my appreciation to everyone who has made today possible and to my late parents I pray to God Almighty to grant them Aljanatfridaos. My story into active participation in Nigeria Society of Engineers will not be completed without appreciating Engr. Ade Ayileka FNSE who introduced me to Engr. Rev. E.O. Ojekunle FNSE. These reverred senior engineers with Engr. Olayinka Alli FNSE, who recently retired meritoriously as Permanent Secretary from Oyo State Civil Service believe in planned and structured development intervention as another means of supporting younger ones like me for leadership transformation.

The pioneer chairman, Engr. Ademola Agoro FNSE has laid down indelible, fundamental legacies. It is on the shoulder of thisgigantic stride I want to climb on to see further and make this branch envy of other branches in Nigeria. I will start by reuniting the different cadres of the engineering family and see to the harmonious dependency among them. Respect and recognition due to everyone will be accorded as expected. Each cadre’s dignity matters to me. I will secure good working relation among all.

Very important is the connection between academics and industry. Some still treat the two as separate entities, no. The two are sections of the same thread. They are interdependent and none can exist on its own. Full understanding of this will accelerate innovation and creativity capable of changing the face and improving the way we do things. This I pledge to make an ideal I will pursue to give status to our branch.

We shall take particular interest in driving membership of this society and encourage willing and lively participation of members. When you see what is in a venture for you and its values to you, taking interest in it will be self-motivated. That is my intention for this society. To increase our membership and give members value for their participation.

The structure of the society is very important. How different organs relate and bring out effective performance is one of the points of focus. We promise that you will see the restructuring that you desire, that will be strong and contribute to the overall strength of this branch and our society.
We will generously encourage continual professional development of members via educative, interactive fora. Forum that will help development of our engineering profession such as seminars, conferences, committees, etc. will be made accessible to members. Education is from cradle to grave, as such, members will be supported to participate in education that will bolster innovative practice of engineering.

Our young ones will be encouraged right from school up to when they will join the society with structured mentorship that facilitate rapid development. Technological competition and projects, award of scholarship, excursion, etc. all these will feature significantly to build broad base for the healthy existence of our branch and the society as whole.

There is growing demand for engineering talent from a growing and developing global population. And the nature of engineering is changing. Engineering has always been multi-disciplinary in nature, combining physics, chemistry and mathematics with creative design, invention and innovation; but its scope is increasing. Engineers, more and more, have to be aware of the social and environmental impacts of technology, and have to work in complex teams, interacting and cooperating with society.
It is unfortunate that, under these circumstances of growing need for multi-talented engineers, the interest in engineering among young people is waning in so many countries. Awareness of the importance and the changing nature of engineering should be raised in circles of government as well as the general public.

This branch will be partnering with tech-savvy and tech-entrepreneur within and outsideour coverage areas to mentor engineers for self-sustenance and best team players.

Above all, we will facilitate and enlist the support of those that matter to foster productive and profitable partnership with firms,companies and related organizations both nationally and internationally. The aim of this is to improve the livelihood of the “Modern Day Engineers”. The opportunities, the dignity and the fulfilment in engineering profession is seen in the way it is instrumental to the improvement of humanity and we being part of the players making the world better. Partnership will be one of the agenda I will drive vigorously during my tenure and all of us will benefit from it.

Energy poverty has been recognized as the most critical deficit that hampers economic growth and productivity. However, by reducing or eliminating energy insufficiency, other factors that lead to poverty can be readily addressed by various initiatives around the globe, including energy efficiency as elucidated by the theme of today’s lecture.

Mr. President sir, kindly help us thank the Management of IBEDC for allowing me to be an active member of the Society, consistently paying NSE dues for all the registered members, conference fees and supporting branches within and outside Oyo State. This is achievable under the leadership of our father and professional mentor-Engr. John Oladipo Ayodele FNSE, FNIEE. I was also challenged by the members of the committee Engr. Bola Olowe FNSE (a sincere mentor) asked me to serve when I joined active participation in the Society. Let me use this medium to appreciate the wisdom of Engr. Ademola Adesuyi FNSE, Engr. Prof. Abel Olorunisola FNSE, Engr. Ade Adewole FNSE, Engr. Sam Adeleke FNSE, Engr. B.O. Ilori FNSE, Engr. R.A. Salawu MNSE and Engr. Dr. Adedapo Adewole MNSE for enlightened me on the society through a robust interactive session.

I thank all members of Nigerian Society of Engineers Oluyole Branch who elected me without animosity as 2nd Branch Chairman. I promise not to disappoint you by the Grace of God almighty and common will of the entire members of NSE across the world. I am grateful to all my teachers, bosses, professional colleagues and family members for their encouragement and constant support all the times. The chief coach of my basket team, my wife and professional colleague thank you for managing me and our children. Engr. BolakaleAgakaKawu FNSE thank you for coaching me to be a focus Engineer. Almighty God will honour you all and grant you journey mercy to your respective destinations.

Long live Oluyole NSE branch!
Long live Nigerian Society of Engineers!!
Long Live Oyo State State!!!
Long live Nigeria!!!!

Engr. Abdulrasaq Jimoh FNSE


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