Nigeria Beyond Oil:The Role of Engineers

… Keynote Speaker, Hon Chris Emeka Azubogu Calls for strategic investment in Infrastructure, prioritize policies in that direction.

Speaking as a Keynote speaker at the just ended 4th International Conference on Engineering Adaptation and Policy Reforms For Industrial Development (ICEAPR 2019) held at the Uli Campus of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, University, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka trained Engineer, Hon Azubogu called for strategic investment in infrastructure that will drive growth beyond the Oil mono economy we have today.

In his word, ”We must prioritize our investment options and make sure that it is clearly inline with our defined ambition as a people.

But before then, we must all agree that there is serious need for us as a Country to create new economic windows beyond oil and identify the needed infrastructure necessary for the growth of such areas ” he said.

The Nnewi born ICT Consultant turned politician said that Nigeria need to enhance the area she has comparative advantage on and lead from there.

According to him ”we must start from areas that we have advantage and lead the world from there”

For example, the world is moving towards technology driven economy and we cannot sit back and remain spectators in a game we should be the key players in.

The Anambra born Engineer and Federal lawmaker, stated that we are lucky to posses very active and smart population that are ready to excel with little push.
He therefore, called for deliberate policy focus on areas that will fuel industrial growth.

”It is sad that while the world is moving toward tech economy, we are still lacking needed infrastructure for the growth of this very important sector”

Azubogu said that it will be tragic for the world to move and for Nigeria to remain behind especially when other members of MENT Countries are pushing ahead of.

Hon Azubogu who is also an alumni of Harvard University, Business School with ‘Certificate on Infrastructure in Market Economy’, also called on Engineers to sustain the conversation that will enthrone strong non oil sectors in the Nation’s economy.

The International Conference had in attendance Engineers from across the Country assembled for the purpose of dialogue on policy conversations towards attaining a sustainable nation post oil era.


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