Workshop: Automotive Industry in Nigeria:Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Have you ever think of a place where you sit among the technocrat to explore opportunity while also learning? The NSE Victoria Island Branch Workshop series offers the opportunity for you to experience this.

For how long shall engineers continue to make others billions and be making do with crumbs?

About 90% of construction companies in Nigeria are owned by lawyers(COREN, NSE reports)

Over 84% of engineering based companies in Nigeria have non engineers or people without technical education as their chief executive with exception to oil and gas industry (from Nigerian company directory 6000

More than 90% of Automobile businesses including manufacturing are neither owned by engineers or have engineers as chief executive

Do you know that the motorization rate in Nigeria is just 81 vehicles per 1000 people or 19 buses per 1000 people compare to over 800 in America and around 400 in most developing countries? This is more of an opportunity than a problem and engineers are best positioned to cease it. Can you see it?

Do you know that there are at least 15 businesses in the automotive sector value chain that do not yet exist in Nigeria? What are they? What can we do?

Do you know that the automotive industry is the primary determinant and indicator of any country’s technological and industrial advancement as well as technical custodian of the power sector?

Do you know that automotive industry directly contributes 3% to 25% and indirectly 21% to 45% of GDP of countries all over the world?

Do you know that Nigeria’s automotive industry was planned to start sourcing all materials inputs locally by 1990?

Do you know that Nigeria’s automotive industry employs just 2600 people compared to 900,000 in south Africa with 4 to 5 indirect jobs per direct jobs?

If you are not happy with the situation and ready to disrupt the status quo and cash in on the windfall please come and join fellow beautiful minds

This Saturday 26th October 2019 by 11:00AM prompt
and let’s talk opportunities and challenges

Presentation (Nigeria’s Automotive Industry Case Study)
Individual contributions
Tea Break/Refreshment.
Breakout/Group Discussion
Group Presentation
Opportunities and Challenges
Action Plan

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and support The Nigerian Society of Engineers, Victoria Island Branch’s effort in putting this together here


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