NSE is alive! Edo Engineers declared as they Call for more supports to strengthen Engineering

The Nigerian Society of Engineers members in Edo State has dissociated self from a controversial call by some aggrieved members to create a division within the NSE.

A communique released after an emergency meeting held at the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Benin Branch secretariat revealed.

The engineers reasoned that at this time Nigerian engineering community is making progress through some of its long term advocacy and efforts to serve the engineers, unity and progress are needed in other to consolidate on those gains and achieve more.

They pointed out that with the progress being made in areas like the push for engineers salary scale, engineers entry point as well as the signing of both Executive Order 5 And the president Buhari’s assent to COREN Act amendment; all of which the NSE actively participated to bring to reality, they “can not but say it’s more alive than before. And it is now time we consolidate on these gains and make them count.’

“All Edo Engineers have therefore resolved to stand and continue to strengthen NSE National for the betterment of Nigerian engineers and Engineering. ” They said.

“If any persons feel aggrieve with NSE headquarters ,they should embrace dialogue and resolve it through internal mechanism in a constructive way.” The communique said.

They dissociated themselves from the group headed by Prof Hart and others calling for boycott of NSE conference while advising them to be guided in their public utterances.

Some of the resolutions, which was signed by the Benin Branch Secretary, as spotted by My Engineers after the emergency meeting is hereby reproduced below.

The Executives and members having interacted with other Branches in Edo State, thus made the following resolutions:

  1. That the Nigeria Society of Engineers is ALIVE AND BIGGER THAN INDIVIDUALS.
  2. That the Edo Engineers are not part or party to the creation of any form of division/separation to the National body of NSE.
  3. That the Edo Engineers are prepared to attend the Annual General meeting (AGM) of NSE holding in Kano and beyond with their executives and members.
  4. That the Edo Engineers are ready to vote and be voted for at the AGM in Kano.
  5. That the Edo Engineers are prepared to conduct the mandatory continuous professional education for it’s intending candidates.
  6. That the Edo Engineers are ready to carry out any national assignments as may be deemed fit by the National body.
  7. We the members of the Nigerian Society of Engineers of Edo origin believes in dialogue and peaceful resolutions in finding lasting solution to every lingering problems of the National body of NSE with any of it’s branches

It will be recalled that following an inconclusive EGM in Abuja, over amendment to the NSE Memorandum of Association, a minority section of engineers have moved to engage in a media war with the parent body to express their grievances. However they have taken to intimidation of their younger colleagues in a bid to achieve their goal. Among some of their desires as contained in their Meeting of September 2019 are:

To illegally suspend General Secretary for not being party to the schism and therefore appointed another secretary. They also resolve to boycott National election while discouraging members who indicate interest in National election from freely participating in NSE activities.

The All Edo Engineers comprising all Engineering Branches and associations in Edo State believe intimidation and aggression is never the answer to any issue that can be addressed through dialogue and therefore call on all their colleagues to come to dialogue for them to jointly move engineering forward.

Edo engineers will therefore continue to support the National body and also resolved participate fully in all activities by the NSE Headquarters including the coming International Conference and General Meeting in kano.

In recent time, the NSE has been making series of progresses in its long drawn advocacy toward getting the engineers a better deal in the polity. While it still has long ways to go it has been able to get succeed in the entry point for engineers; made significant progress in engineering salary scale; successfully work with others to get Executive Order 5 enacted and sign. The EO5 provided the local engineers and scientists the first port of call for all procurement jobs that can be executed within the country.

This also include the newly signed COREN Act Amendment which was actually originated by the NSE during the presidency of Engr Kashim Ali. The new amendment empower COREN and also made more provision for the young engineers training and development.


  1. One philosophy of the splinter group I dont like is regionalization. Fact remains that there are issues with Engineering, especially the ingenious aspect, but sentiment and populist misdemeanor cannot take us anywhere.
    However; having more than one Engineering Association in a country is not wrong. It helps the profession to develop faster. This might explain why we were stunted for about 61 years.
    There’s need for a healthy competition but rivalry must be avoided. Each should complement themselves!


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