It’s not what you get after serving but rather who you become after serving that matters

Lawal Richard Oluwasehun

It’s not what you get after serving but rather who you become after serving that matters

It’s with a great heart of appreciation to God and that definite sense of fulfillment that I announce the end of our administration, Lawal Richard seun Led Administration (NSF 7th Generation) and our successful handover.

The achievement of this administration is one that can not be forgotten in a hurry because of its various landmark achievements which definitely is a challenge to the new administration even though I am sure they can beat it.

Among many things, we held three regional tech summit in Nigeria all ladies Tech Summit (the first of its kind ever) and also the International Conference which were also used as an avenue to encourage more female participation in Engineering. We also had a National CAD training across our chapters (first of its kind in NSF) which produced various CAD experts across Nigeria. We went further out of our institutions to organized a bookdrive (Mentorship) project that raised over a thousand textbooks nationwide for secondary school students in Nigeria. Furthermore, we organized a monthly online technical sessions for the National Students Forum (first of its kind in NSF), mentorship programs like “a day with professionals” where we met professional Engineers directly on issues of life after school, the SOFE competition (as a result of our collaboration with IMechE UK), the first National Congress, Chapter of the year award (the Maiden edition) and many more. The 7th Generation also inaugurated 10 students chapters which was not only the highest inauguration ever in the history of NSF but also higher than the last four administration sum up together.

These results were not achieved by chance or luck, but with God’s Grace, dogged dedication,undiluted hard work, good Mentorship, high intellectual coordination and pure Sacrificial Service. In fact, there was hardly any day I did not pray for NIMechE~NSF unless I did not do my prayers that day. My drive was to be the best President NIMechE~NSF has ever had and I can say that I worked with the best set of executive NIMechE~NSF has ever had. The virtues I’m taking away with me after this service can not be quantified and for this I’m grateful for all the troubles I went through.

So, I thank God almighty for answering our prayers. I appreciate the National Chairman, Engr Dr. Ejilah Robinson for his Mentorship. Another back bone behind our success was Aalo Emmanuel, a man of steel. I want to also appreciate great people like Engr Oduwa Agboneni, Engr Joyce Adams, Engr Bolanle Ayodele, Alhaji Ramadan Nura, Engr Lucas Omotoso, Engr Funmilade Akingbagbohun, Engr Usak Ekerete and many more.

Congratulations to the new executives as they take over from where we’re leaving it.

LAWAL Oluwaseun Richard

Immediate Past President NIMechE~NSF




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