“All Engineers Ladies’ Summit” goes to Minna as Students clamour for more women in engineering

….Engr Joyce Adams awarded outstanding Female Engineer Award….Engr Jankara donated #0.9m to best graduating students

It was a gathering of participants comprises seniors and upcoming engineers in Minna as Nigeria Institution of Mechanical Engineers, National Students Forum organized it North Central edition of “All Engineers Ladies’ Summit 2019″. Tagged “Engineering also a Woman’s Job”, the event held on the 24th August at PTDF Hall chemical engineering complex Minna Niger state

In his welcome address, The NIMechE-NSF President, Comrade Lawal Oluwaseun Richard said the contribution of women to the engineering industry cannot be underestimated and this is what necessitated the national campaign. He stated that the aim of the campaign is therefore, “ desire to encourage our generation especially ladies, to practice engineering after school irrespective of challenges they may face.”

Comrade Lawal also said that the program is also meant to be an avenue to examine the challenges of industrialization in the country and possible practical approaches toward Sustainable industrialization in Nigeria

The first keaynote speaker, Engr. Aderemi Ayodeji Agboola delivered a speech on Challenge of industrialization and power in Nigeria. In his address, he underscored the need for accelerated industrialization, through manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure, real estate, among others.

"All Engineers Ladies’ Summit" goes to Minna as Students clamour for more women in engineering

While speaking on the topic he noted that Nigeria along with many African countries are facing power shortages which has negative impacts on the potential growth of the nations. He stressed that industrialization cannot take place without reliable energy infrastructure therefore, working on a comprehensive overhaul of power industry

He also urged engineer to adopt practical policies and strategies that will see the region attaining industrialization. He stressed the needs to safeguard the interest of local production in an era of rampant globalisation, while reiterating the need for enhanced regional and cross border cooperation.

In their separate remarks during the first panel session, Engr. Lucas Omotosho who was represented by Engr Franklin and Engr Joyce Daser Adams spoke on “Entrepreneurship and marketing in engineering.” They stated that in providing solutions and creating innovations, an engineer needs to understand marketing strategies in other for their products and innovation can be sellable. They Further urged engineering students to prepare their mindset on building or creating their own business after school.

In the second panel discussion, “Challenge of industrialization and power in Nigeria ” Engr Dr S.A Lawal and Engr Abdullahi Isah Jankara spoke in their respective speeches of the need to start placing emphasis on diversification of our economy using Small and Medium Enterprises, energy and mining sectors and Agro-allied industries. Specifically, we can attest to the viability of Small businesses to boost growth and create more jobs for the youth and serve as the precursor of full industrialization, the revealed.

While speaking at the third session panel on Advantage and challenges facing woman engineer ” Engr Saidu Aminat and Prof Mrs Z.D Osunde started that in practicing Engineering, there are external challenges facing female engineers. These are a direct result of the behaviour of others and can seem trivial at first when seen as isolated incidences; but they can become quite wearing over time.

"All Engineers Ladies’ Summit" goes to Minna as Students clamour for more women in engineering

Sometimes there are assumptions that men hold the positions of authority, while women are simply acting as ‘helpers’. Women’s voices can be ignored during discussions, or their views are not taken seriously by the more experienced crew. Often women have to work harder to prove themselves by dealing with less challenging work before graduating to harder work. Or can be regularly asked to complete tasks such as planning instead of some of the more hands-on work. The resulting impact can be quite significant on our morale, motivation or even long-term career prospects. They concluded.

At the course of the program NIMechE National Students Forum awarded Engr Joyce Daser Adams as The most Outstanding female engineer during the event for her many roles in advancing the cause of female engineers in Nigeria.

Engr Abdullahi Isah Jankara presented sum of 500 thousands naira to Federal university of technology Minna best engineering graduating student,200 thousands naira for second best and also 200 thousands for best graduate student in chemical engineering department.

The program was graced by prominent personalities and students in the Engineering both from the academic community and practicing engineers who came to inspired the next generation of engineers, particularly the women in engineering and give hope to the aspiration of excited engineers in training.

Report compiled by Adeyinka Ademola Abdulrasheed

"All Engineers Ladies’ Summit" goes to Minna as Students clamour for more women in engineering

"All Engineers Ladies’ Summit" goes to Minna as Students clamour for more women in engineering

"All Engineers Ladies’ Summit" goes to Minna as Students clamour for more women in engineering

Engineering is also a Woman’s Job: Female engineers urged to raise the bar


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