LG commerce training for 15 NimechE NSF members


LG electronic has commenced training for the shortlisted 15 NIMechE National Students Forum, NSF members. The training  which commenced on 9th August 2019 and is expected lapse for 3 month at LG laboratory University of Lagos, Akoka.

The aim of the training is to enhance the student’s abilities and enable them to acquire practical skills in the air conditioning systems, maintenance field, technical, professional information and to enrich their expertise in key points of sale.

The shortlisted 15 NIMechE NSF  members led by their Membership General Secretary Comrade Mahmud Tijani and other NimechE Student Chapters members across the nation will be Trained in week-long sessions that will tackled key topics in 3 month of theoretical and technical work.The theoretical work included training on the basics of heat transfer, types and components of air conditioning systems, the latest air conditioning technologies, VRF design and specifications, VRF installation and services, Refrigeration cycles, LG’s MultiV system, Load Calculation, and other key topics.

LG commerce training for 15 NimechE NSF membersFurthermore, the technical work included practical training on how to use tools and equipment utilized in air conditioning systems; training on welding copper tubes, examining components of air conditioning devices, System Vacuum, Refrigerant Charging; in addition to training on the maintenance of air conditioning devices and other technical aspects.
LG will be providing some of their latest appliances for students to work on in their training classes, along with curriculum materials, training aids, specialty tools and repair parts. Training experts will give technical training to instructors and To conclude the course successfully, the trainee were expected to subjected to a comprehensive exam to measure their comprehension and competency levels.


LG commerce training for 15 NimechE NSF members



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