COREN has the statutory power to regulate engineering in manner it feel is interest of Engineers- Dr Abolarin

A question was asked on a NIMechE National page on direct registration with COREN. The questioner ask as followed: “Can a yet to be certified engineer, an engineering graduate over 17 years of graduation undergo COREN Exams/Registration directly bypassing NSE Exams stuff for certification?”

This question elicited many answers but we have chosen to provide the incisive one provided by. By Engr. Dr Anthony Abolarin.

In response, Dr Abolarin said “COREN ‘regulates’ engineering practice in Nigeria without recourse to any other body, including the NSE. Refer to Section 6 of the COREN Act.

“NSE does not, statutorily, regulate engineering practice.

“However, the NSE was the precursor to the COREN and has provided its key resource persons (President, and some others, in line with Section 2b of the Act) over the years. The provision is equally not statutory but an understanding.

“The NSE, envisaged to ‘look after the professional needs of its members through well structured programmes and regular interactions among the different cadre of membership, enhancing high professional standard and ethical practices.’ Its efforts to evolve into a ‘national advisory’ and ‘national regulatory’ body gave rise to COREN and some relationships with other global, regional and national professional organisations as well as the level of engineering politics witnessed today.

“For many years, due to the NSE membership limitations, many practicing engineers did (or could) not register with the NSE and faced their careers as they best could. A new wave of annual registration (of many thousands) began only from the beginning of this century, the last ten years in particular.

“The pushback favoured COREN roles and performance, climaxing in the recent enhancement of COREN’s level of authority and financial capacity. All those excluded by the NSE, including technologists, technicians, and craftsmen found welcoming arms in COREN, upon satisfying the statutory demands for registration.

“With COREN, you are registered (for core practice) AND regulated (in your full engineering operational activities).

“NSE has always been fully ‘Nigerian’ in management.”

“Based on the Memorandum and Article of Association (MemArt), our NSE membership registration is at multiple levels of: 1) national, 2) Branch, 3) Division 1, 4) Division 2, 5) Division 3 and 6) Status (e.g. Fellow, Member, Associate).

“The Divisions of NSE are limited. Some engineers register with other engineering bodies (particularly, internationally) and have to service their membership.”

“I encouraged a large number to register with both NSE and COREN. The challenge remains to justify those registrations in the face of a) unemployment, b) massive quackery and c) low national engineering content in business, academia and governance”

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  1. In fulfilling her mandate of ensuring proper practice of Engineering, the followings are worth noting:
    1. Ingeniers are only needed when there is dearth of development and know-how (technology).
    2. It is wrong to have trained quality Ingeniers but bypassing them and giving jobs to foreign firms who uses it to train their inexperienced hands and gives them to greenhorns in their employment. This way, lives of Nigerians can be used as guineapig for their trainees. This explains why vehicles plying the roads constructed by these firms skid into killing Nigerians. Example is hanyan mutuwa (road of death) on Akwanga road that has claimed several lives.
    3. Designs are usually done with specific implementing technology in mind.
    4. Only the Design Ingenier should have the prerogative of prequalifying and appointing implementing contractors for the design.


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