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    We need your help to equip the next generation; Donate your old books!


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    The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers, National Students Forum, recognising the importance of books in education of younger students, particularly in secondary schools, is embarking on National Book Drive to equip secondary schools students with reading materials.

    NIMechE~NSF is the Nigerian institution of mechanical Engineers~National Students Forum, a forum that is made up of mechanical engineering students across higher institutions in Nigeria. NIMechE~NSF is the students wing of The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

    The forum under the leadership of Mr Lawal Richard Seun is soliciting public support toward donating books, old and used, and even new books to assist them in their equipping libraries in secondary schools across the country.

    According to Lawal, the drive is a result of the first hand experience of the majority of the current undergraduates who had to brace the odds in overcoming the challenges of inaccessible reading materials. They recognise that while there many who went extra mile, many who are brilliant but overwhelmed by their social and economic challenges could not make it to university to pursue their dreams.

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    “Some of us understand firsthand what it’s like not to have learning materials. We know how it feels not to have the relevant books for learning and how much knowledge eluded us due to our lack of textbooks.” He said.

    “The book drive came out of the need to provide learning support to our young scholars who have no means of getting learning materials.” He emphasised.

    Further, he said the grand plan of group is to set up libraries in secondary schools in states within Nigeria.

    In his words: “We will set up secondary school libraries in some states in Nigeria so that a lot of these students can visit to get the relevant books they need for their academic development.

    “This is highly necessary to deepen the learning and reading culture among young Nigerians and also instill this drive and passion in those that does not have it yet. This is a project that will boost learning and increase literacy level in Nigeria” he said.

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    “It is for this reason that are launching a national book donation campaign and hereby call on the general public, home and abroad, to donate secondary school textbooks for these libraries.

    “We call on the entire Nigerian students, professionals and the general public to join us to build a knowledge driven Nigeria because individually we can do little but together there is no limit to what we can achieve.” He appeals

    Quoting Nelson Mandela, he said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

    He listed ways individuals can support the project:

    “We ask for your support in one or more of the various ways;

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    1. Donation of used and new books; donate those books you can do without to these students that do not have the means to get them.

    2. Sponsoring of books procurement; you can also help us procure books for them or contribute financially to the procurement of books for the students.

    3. Recommend our book drive to someone you know who can be of supports.

    For more information and contact on the book you can reach the following:

    LAWAL Oluwaseun Richard;
    National President NIMechE~NSF/Chairman National Bookdrive

    Chairman, Planning Committee

    Ekemini John;
    Head, Sponsorship and Awards

    I am Isqil Najim, you can reach me on Twitter @isqilnajim

    We need your help to equip the next generation; Donate your old books!

    We need your help to equip the next generation; Donate your old books!

    We need your help to equip the next generation; Donate your old books!

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