What Happens Before and After The Mentor Drops in By Athan Oparaji

Athan Oparaji
Athan Oparaji

In this life that we live, I figured out that you can’t do it all alone.This is why I wrote the Cob of Greatness as a poem.

But before that I used to think I could do it all alone because even though I look simple and fragile, I have the mind of a bull. You can’t break me, my name is Athan.

Life just happened that after my mom parted in mystery I was the only one in my  family that grew up in the village.

It was neither my fault nor anyone’s fault that I attended  nursery, primary and secondary school in my hamlet but after what I did for myself none of my friends in the university believed I came from the other side.Most of my friends attended the best secondary schools in Nigeria and they saw me as one of them.

Being the young dude who had big dreams, I looked for mentors who would show me the light to my dreams and aspirations but all proved fruitless and futile.

It would be interesting to know I never had a school Physics subject teacher. So, I was lost at some point but it gave me the freedom to be the wanderer in my maze in wonderland

And finally, I came out with a big maize: Great Success. I proved a point by having A1 in all the Physics exams I wrote at my O/Level.That was how Physics became part of my life and It’s in me.

The point is what do you do when you don’t have a mentor? What do you do when you have no one to teach you,create the path and show the light? The answer is you teach and do it yourself. Don’t sit on your dream, move with it. And once you prove a point mentors will gravitate to your side because you have formed the attractive charge.

Because of this mutual bond between, mentors open more doors because they have already seen the incandescent light which still benefits them. Life is about sharing values together. The ones who are visioners become the true leaders which I preach as a preacher because they turn our broken blocks into building blocks, become the light for us to see through, lift us from the dead ends.

Finally, these mentors resonate our wings to fly beyond what was possibly imagined.

Ikenna Athan Oparaji is an engineer, poet and a creative picturesque writer. As an engineer he has obtained some training and certifications from Solartech International UAE, Jotun MEIA, Mascoat USA and IMG Composites LTD Aberdeen UK on Asset Integrity Management .You can contact him through email: ikeathans4success@yahoo.com, twitter: @AthanOparaji, Instagram @athanoparaji or LinkedIn 


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