President Buhari Signs COREN Act Amendment Bill, Grants COREN more powers

…Engineers Corp members to be posted to Engineering firms

…COREN now has power prosecute violators

President Muhammadu Buhari has assented to the Engineers (Registration etc) Amendment Act, 2019.

The principal Act establishes the Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria – COREN’ with power vested.

According to the Senior Special Assistant on National Assembly matters (Senate), Ita Enang, the new amendment has broadened the powers of COREN with far-reaching powers of prosecution of infractions, regulating industrial training of Engineers, capacity building of local content in Nigeria engineering industry.

Specifically, he said, the new law grants COREN powers of: “prosecuting any person or firm that contravenes the provisions of this Act in a court of competent jurisdiction; .regulating industrial training schemes in engineering practitioners and students;

(I)..ensuring capacity building and monitoring local content development in the Nigerian engineering industry through – mandatory attachment of Nigerians to expatriate engineers on major projects to understudy them from inception

“(ii) ensuring that all foreign engineering firms establish their design offices in Nigeria.

(iii) granting of compulsory attestation to all expatriate quota for engineering practitioners, including turnkey project, that there are no qualified and competent Nigerians for the job in question at the time of application and that granting of the expatriate quota shall be contingent on training of such number of persons as may be required for the execution of the job, and;

“(iv) ensuring that, before being allowed to practice in Nigeria, such foreign engineering practitioners granted work permit, register with the council and obtain such licenses as may be required from time to time; (h) investigating engineering failures.’’

He said that the new Act further admits into the Council (COREN) the following: “Nigerian Association of Technologists in Engineering
Nigerian Society of Engineering Technicians, and
Nigerian Association of Engineering Craftsmen, and
One person each appointed to represent the –
Association for Consulting Engineering in Nigeria,
Federation of Construction Industry in Nigeria
Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, and
Armed Forces in rotation.’’

The Council, he said, is now entitled to maintain a fund into which shall be paid money appropriated by the National Assembly, subventions, fees, charges for services rendered or publications made, donations, engineering development levy, among others.

The Directorate of the National Youth Service Corps shall ensure posting of graduate engineers and technologists to places of relevant professional engineering experience.

“On NYSC, the Amendment states:
(14) (i)‘’The Directorate of the National Youth Service Corps shall ensure posting of graduate engineers and technologists to places of relevant professional engineering experience.
(ii) Pursuant to the provision of subsection (i), the Directorate of National Youth Service Corps shall communicate the location of graduate engineers and engineering technologists to the Council.’’

The Act broaden engineering ‘’practitioners to include a registered Engineer, Engineering technologist, Engineering technician and Engineering craftsman. It emphasis more on engineering practitioners as against ‘engineer.’

“The Act has been remitted in accordance with standard legal procedures.” Enang stated

-Source: The Nation

National Assembly to Empower COREN to Arrest and prosecute Professional Engineering Offenders


  1. This we all Say’s is a welcome development but who do we have as ministers, commissioner, Director of works and etc? Until we have the Right people at the affair of this ministry’s we are all deceiving our self. Forget about the so claim bill and approval…. These are fake propaganda!!!! Can someone tell the president and the so call senator’s!!!!!!!!

  2. All these nonengineers should be constituted into an Advisory Board instead and all Divisions of Engineering be equally represented.
    BTech in Engineering be made BETech, these are Hard Systems Ingeniers. BSc in Engineering be made BES (purely analytical) which implies there should be bachelor of Engineering arts or BEA, they learn by doing due to less intellect.

  3. Why not let the ammmendment take off and improvement come along the way. Where were you people all these years that narrow definition of the peofession creates room for quacks to impersonate real engineers? We always be patient with any new system and take time to mend the imperfection instead of expecting new born baby to start running immediately after birth

  4. Congratulations, this is a long awaited act. It’s welcome development and if properly used will change the system of engineering in Nigeria.

  5. This is great news. We want same to be done to Pharmacy Bill to control the distribution of drugs in the country to reduce or eliminate the spread of fake medicines which is more dangerous than a collapse building

    • definitely, all professionals should work to curtail quacks… they will have our supports especially as this area is something that affect us all in the light of the surging fake drug distributors

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  7. Is a welcome development let all calm down study carefully through entire bill and observations for the future.

  8. […] Kashim Ali, whose tenure has witnessed massive accomplishments and culminated in the signing of Amended COREN Act by President Muhammadu Buhari administration. Also elected is Engr. Dr. U.Nwoji FNSE as the Vice President of the […]

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  10. Information reaching me is that this news about Buhari signing bill to stop Engineering graduates from being posted to school is fake. This is coming from an official representative of NYSC

    • It is not fake.. the Bill is in COREN Act and not a seperate Bill as many has been peddling.. under the amended COREN act the young engineers are to be posted to companies..

      However there will likely be challenge in full compliance because of the dearth if industries to post them to..

      The NYSC official who told u that it is fake is most likely not conversant with what is happening.. tell him or her to read coren act.

      This is not to say many of you wont end up serving in schools

  11. This is a great news but I have something to add salary scale of engineers working with ministry either in state or federal is very poor it supposed to be considered too.

    • Thank you Muhammad. I totally agree with you that salary of Engineers in the Civil and Public service (both State and Federal) should be reviewed upward!

  12. Grade level of engineers and technologist in government agency is very poor. Medical directors are far ahead

  13. ….in addition an engineer or graduate of any of the Engineering profession should always be the minister of works, infrastructure and housing…and not a lawyer or any other profession as is the case at the moment.

  14. Its a welcome development. I hope is not just words without action both d body n d government has to show total commitment for real achievement

    Engr. Adeiza Abdulwahab Asalam okene/gombe

  15. Further to the bill good consideration should be elimination of quack and salary recommendations for better enthusiasm of upcoming Engineers

  16. The bill should incorporate appointment of Engineers into relevant engineering Ministries. Works, Power, Water Resources, Environment, are exclusive reserves for engineering personnel.
    Appointment of Ministers, Commissioners at the State levels should be reserved for competent engineering personnel. This will enhance strict monitoring of the bill and place engineering profession in the mainstream of corporate governance in Nigeria.


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