Illustrious geniuses are everywhere, let’s identify and celebrate them by Nimot Muili


Weeks back, I was at the local coordination meeting of The Institution of Civil Engineers #ICE, learning and contributing my knowledge towards improving the Nigeria Engineers and global engineering practice. I was opportune to sit with some of the experienced and elderly in the engineering practice in Nigeria and listened to the wonderful and eye-opening lecture delivered by Engr Bayo Adeola of @Comprehensive Project Management Services on “Engineering Practice in a Global Context: Lessons for Nigeria” with rapt attention. You can get some insight of the lecture in his book titled “Engineering is Development”.

Other participants including representatives from Lagos & #Ogun State Government, Arup Lagos #SOP, #NICE etc. added befitting remarks to the lecture. They all mentioned what they are doing in their areas of influences to improve the engineering practice in Nigeria and across the globe.

I had a deep reflection on the outcomes of the meeting, the obvious needs;

· Collaboration among professionals is more productive rather than distinctive


· More technocrats in various arms of governance

· Improving and equipping the professionals (not only engineers) with more skills sets beyond just the technical skills to commodify their practice(s) into tradable product / services

· Our dear country Nigeria, needs to live up to expectations and bridge the professional gap. #Robotics, #IoT etc. are being use every seconds to solve and overcome various challenges around the world.

· And the list goes on . . .

All outcomes are so true and in resonant with the palpable. We can’t be running an old system and expect a measurable improvements. Strategic and supportive collaborations are essential ingredient to substantial developmental advancement that will address our basic challenges. I went further and brought the development in some parts of Nigeria in context with some global development where we could reasonably say we are at par.

I paused and halted my deep sober thoughts, flashes of many inventions of various sizes I have read about or set my eyes on at exhibitions and fairs came to mind.

So where are they???

Unfortunately I was not able to lay my hands easily on so much nor give quick contacts. I won’t want to be in this scratchy space again. I went back to the drawing board, dust the archive and improve on some of my earlier plans on #STEM programmes.

Without mincing words, I know we have uncelebrated illustrious geniuses within our local communities. Sometimes, because they are the lowest hanging fruits whose “minute” efforts and breakthroughs become part of major innovations. They work and strive, they toiled all night. They don’t give up, they keep striving for the benefits of humanity, yet they are not noticed let alone celebrated in the “Bigger picture” nor even given appropriate credits.

Although, sometimes, the challenges are beyond them, they could be far from technology to publicize them. YES!!! Some still leave in stone age in certain parts of the country.

Fast forward to today! To overcome and address some of these challenges, I will be partnering with YOU! Yes, we’re all in it together, and some organisations (private, public and professional bodies).

I will be working with teams to pull data together for private and public use, with due respect for intellectual properties to facilitate effective data driven decisions.

I strongly believe this will accelerate some business decisions and empowerment opportunities within the STEEM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Entrepreneurship. Mathematics) space to make SMARTER decisions.

So, please be a part of this noble course. You can act or copy the below message and share widely.

Kindly help fill / share this link widely, it is intended to create a database for our local invention with particular focus on #STEEM – (Science. Technology. Engineering. Entrepreneurship. Mathematics), within the shores of Nigeria. Some need to be showcased or scaled up for better funding opportunities and collaboration. And if you know anyone in this hitching shoes, please give a lead. kindly click HERE to fill the form

Thank you.

Engr Nimot Muili is a Project Manager at Arup Nigeria / Mentee at Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

Illustrious geniuses are everywhere, let’s identify and celebrate them by Nimot Muili



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