Aregbesola pays Surprise Visit to NSE Ikeja; Charges Engineers to help tackle Poverty

Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola at Ikeja branch

… As Ikeja Branch dedicates an Engineering Resource Centre in his name

The immediate past governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola paid an unscheduled visit to NSE Ikeja Branch Secretariat yesterday. He was received by the Chair of the Branch, Engr Mrs Funmilade Akingbagbohun and the Vice Chairman, Engr Sunday Oguntunde along with the staff and management.

During the visit, the governor, who is a registered member of the Branch, commended the Branch for its various laudable professional activities and also used the opportunity to congratulate the Branch on it performance at the last National Group Dynamic competition, which it won.

Aregbesola, a mechanical engineer, used the opportunity to counsel Nigerian engineers and said it is time the NSE up it game in professional development of members. He lamented the rate of poverty in the country and pointed out that the engineers are vital tools toward addressing this scourge through job creation and wealth generation. He challenged the engineers to rise up to the task and assist the nation in addressing this. He then expressed his passionate desire to see Nigerian engineers at the forefront of efforts towards the elevation of our country to level of a truly rich, industrialised and prosperous nation.

He urged engineers not to lean too much on certificates they received from university but also to engage in deeper practical exposure and acquire more personal and professional development across all fields. He said through practice, research and development, an engineer can improve himself and stand out in the profession and in the community.

On his own part, he expressed his passion and dream to see more Nigerian engineers making a difference not just by improving themselves but also by being in the saddle in Nigeria’s policy and leadership.

The Chairperson of the Branch, Mrs Akingbagbohun on behalf of the Branch, thanked him and appreciated him for the visit and praised his many passionate encouragements and supports of engineers. She also commended his foresight in identifying with the needs of engineers towards national development.

A foundation lay of proposed Engineering Resource Center that would have a library, training, seminar rooms and machine room for small production/ fabrication was marked as part of the effort to develop and nurture engineering skills both among young and practicing engineers. The Branch has dedicated the proposed Centre in his name in recognition of his various contributions to engineering developments and also engineers.

Compiled by Isqil Najim (follow on twitter @isqilnajim)

Aregbesola pays Surprise Visit to NSE Ikeja; Charges Engineers to help tackle Poverty
Ogbeni Aregbesola speaking after the inspection of the Secretariat while Engr Oguntunde and Akingbagbohun listen
Aregbesola pays Surprise Visit to NSE Ikeja; Charges Engineers to help tackle Poverty
Engr Arigbesola taking some memory recollection of some NSE Past Chairmen during the visit

Aregbesola pays Surprise Visit to NSE Ikeja; Charges Engineers to help tackle Poverty

Aregbesola pays Surprise Visit to NSE Ikeja; Charges Engineers to help tackle Poverty
Taking a memory lane as he recall the Ikeja past chairmen…


  1. In Mechanical Engineering alone, there are more than a hundred technologies and well over a thousand crafts, trades, and handiwork, etc. Is it possible to learn all these by one person in a life time? How long will it take to learn all that? The last time did a calculation on that, I estimated over 300years to prepare an Ingenier for the work place.
    These are the types of people and counsels causing problem and confusion for Nigerian Ingeniers! Engineer was gotten from Ingenium, a Latin word for brain/memory/ingenuity. This implies we are brain/thinking/ingenious Engineers. It is for this reason I prefer to use Ingenier when referring to ingenious (BSc) Engineers. They are Brain Power Engineers.
    For example, a welder who has logged more than 50 years in practice will never be able to build a functional submarine. However; a Mechanical Ingenier can sit down and design a submarine and guide a welder, as well as other trades, to construct a functional one. The same Ingenier may decide to use a different material/technology in doing a submarine for the same or different application.
    Poverty is largely responsible for the underperformance of Nigerian Ingeniers. We need to attend internation professional workshops, conferences, seminars, and other events where current trends and updates are discussed first-hand. Also; we are required to subscribe to international professional magazines, journals, and other publications to keep up with our peers out there. This commenter first contemplated use of drones in warfare before America or NATO ever deployed drone in their battles around the world. I could have beat them to it if I had money to make an already working model, as management can connect to that faster and better. Here are Nigerian Ingeniers being paid $150 (that cannot buy a single standard component) per month and expected to compete against a person being paid between $10 000 and $24 000 per month. It is just not possible!


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