I remember when I was growing up as a kid. In my hamlet, we used to go to the stream to fetch water,wash our clothes and swim.

In fact,the paramount interest of going to the stream was ‘frolicking’. Life was sweet and rosy as we enjoyed the roller coaster ride of going to swim with our peers. We had made it our routine social activity and it gave us the opportunity to hobnob and learn from our elderly ones.

One special day, the unexpected thing happened. We encountered an unusual experience as we went to the stream to enjoy our normal cheese( What makes you happy).The what’s up was that the stream had dried up. The whole pipeline was dry because the source was dry.It was so unbelievable that we thought  we were entitled to it.

The reality was that our stream of enjoyment had been moved to where we could no longer hold on to it at that point. So, that day the only thing we went home with was misfortune because life had given us a devastating blow in the face.

Some days later, we visited the same place to find out that our misfortune had turned to our fortune. Guess what?…… ‘The dried up land got wet again’. The stream came back to our greatest surprise. Our state of happiness was restored.

What does this show? It shows that the path of life is undulating and sinusoidal as written in this poem: 

That you experience a low moment of life today does not mean where life ends.It shows that even when you find yourself in the maze,never lose hope as you will come out with a big maize: Great Success.The pendulum of life never swings on that side alone,it also swings on the other side. It shows that when the chips are down and you feel the world has ended around you, look beyond what you see because the future is bright and not bleak. I can go on and on……..

So, no matter how dry the pipeline is,it will soon get wet again if you believe is also an interesting poem to lift your own heart from dead ends

Just prepare for it!!!

NB: Pipeline here means your situation.

Ikenna Athan Oparaji is a poet, creative picturesque writer, chemical engineer and currently an asset integrity engineer at Liquid Energy Global Services Ltd.

You can follow him on Instagram/Twitter @AthanOparaji


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