Ghanaian Engineers urged to champion solar power

Automation Ghana Limited has called on engineers and power producers in the country to adopt solar energy in their operations.

The call comes at a time where the company’s subsidiary Process and Plant Automation Limited has partnered Chint Electric which is a global leader in the manufacture of electrical and energy efficiency management solutions based in China for the provision of solar energy.

According to Automation Ghana, businesses will be able to save about seventy percent of the cost they spend on electricity in their daily operations.

Businesses in the country have named the high cost of electricity as one of their major challenges.

Speaking to Citi Business News at the sidelines of the Commissioning of Chint Solar PV at the Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE), CEO of Automation Ghana Limited, Kweku Asamoah said the institution will highly benefit from the use of solar energy and advised businesses to adopt the use of solar energy as well.

“Such a state of the art system installed here at the Ghana Institution of Engineers is for us to demonstrate to the rest of the country that this is where it all starts and so we chose the institution for specifically that reason”, he said.

He explained that the acquisition of the system is affordable for businesses, “It is affordable in the sense that ten years ago, a cell was about 1 dollar 4 cents and today it is about 40 cents and that is a significant reduction”.

“If you are a commercial institution in the country that pays close to about 1 cedi per unit of electricity it will , if you install something like this an you are using it during working hours you are sure to save as much as seventy percent and pay back in the region of two to three years”.

The installation of the solar system is expected to generate a minimum of 40KWh of energy in a day saving office of GhIE at least units of electricity use a day.

Chint was represented by Mr. Gary Gan, the Regional Manager of Chint West Asia and Africa

About Chint Electric

Chint Electric is a global leader in the manufacture of electrical and energy efficiency management solutions based in China.

It currently is the leading private Chinese company investing in the Solar PV industry in China.

About Process and Plant

Process and Plant Automation Limited is a Ghanaian Electrical, Controls and Instrumentation engineering company that provided industrial building and renewable energy solutions.

Process and Plant Automation and Chint has also won a bid in Kumasi to engineer, design, supply and install a 2MW solar PV in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region. The installation would begin in January 2019.

Source: City Business


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