321 electrical accidents recorded in two years – Otis Anyaeji

Engr Otis Anyaeji, the former President, Nigeria Society of Engineer, says 321 electrical accidents with fatalities are recorded between 2016 and 2017.

Anyaeji, who made this known at the 2018 Power Sector Safety Summit on Wednesday in Abuja, said that electricity workers were involved in the accidents.

The theme of the summit was Vision Zero Incident in the Power Sector Value Chain.
He said that most of the incidents occurred during construction, operation and maintenance of electrical equipment.

According to him, accidents can be 100 per cent prevented if management of the sector can put adequate safety measures in place.
He said: “Failure of safety process involves huge financial costs, it also involves loss of manpower, damage to equipment and installations which may lead to shut downs.
“Poor safety of an organisation can lead to lose of two per cent of annual revenues.”

Engr Anyaeji who is also the President of Federation of West African Organisations said that Generation Companies should take complete ownership of safety related issues and safety processes, saying that safety processes should have management support.

He charged the management of the sector to develop and implement safe working environment, encourage staff welfare and participation.

According to him, the safety records of contractors and work place service providers should be checked and verified before hired.

He advised the management to conduct refresher training for workers in the energy sector every three years to reduce electrical accidents.


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