In customer relationship management, effective and quick customer services are keys to make the customers feel HAPPY and SATISFIED. Not all satisfied customers are happy customers. There is a great difference between happiness and satisfaction. You might render a satisfactory service to a customer but due to lack of time management and delaying of the job, the customer might miss his appointment of the day. At this particular instance, the job is well done to satisfaction but the customer will not be happy because he has missed his appointment.

Let us view another example; for instance in a war zone like Borno State, Nigeria where you have the menace of Boko Haram, when you provide food for the people because they are hungry, you just satisfied them but you have not made them feel happy since they’re still in a war zone. They will not feel happy because their lives are still under threats.

The customers are the reason why we are: Inventing, Innovating, Discovery, Investing, Eating and doing, Business.

In the corporate world, the customers have three options:

  • To make a buying decision with you
  • Not to make a buying decision with you Or not to patronize your business, and
  • To make a buying decision with your competitors.

While you just have one option: To Provide a satisfactory service to the customers and make them happy.

So, value your customers. In my opinion, “the shortest definition of a customer is someone who put food on your table (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) by his or her buying decision before, during and after a purchase of goods and services.” So, the customers should be valued and cherished like a precious diamond.

The customers are the life blood of every successful organization while the employees pioneer the sustainability of every successful organization. No customers, no profit. No customers, no business. No customers, no food on your table.


Succinctly, involving the customers in the service render to he or she is very important. This will make the customer feel at home. He/she will feel that he/she has been integrated into the system. He/she knows what service is being rendered to him/her at the end of the day. Coproduction makes your customers feel happy and enable your front desk personnel to reader effective customer service which in-turn makes the customers feel satisfied and happy. A happy customer is a satisfied customer and a returned customer which will lead to a referral of your business.

The corporate world today is competitive and technologically driven by people who have innovative ideas. People who have been trained to render quality service to customers. The center of your business should be customer HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION achieved by your effective teams who are your employees and they are your greatest ASSETS not PROFIT.

Making profit shouldn’t be the purpose or reason of establishing any business, company or organization but looking for a way to solve the customers’ problems.

Solve the customers’ problems and make more profit is the only remedy for sustainability in business.

Michael Lelecy Yahaya, A Mechanical Engineer and Currently Work In Abuja


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