For over decades of years, man has been championing innovation for the advancement of life which is technology in order to make life easy, faster and simple. There was a time when we had Black Berry Phones, Nokia Phones, 2go, going to pay phone boots to make calls, going to cybercafés to send mails or be on the queue to get a PC system to browse and other antiquated systems. Then Tecno phones had no market value and WhatsApp wasn’t available. Today, our smart phones have reduced our frequent visit to cybercafés. Information technology has made communication easy and faster through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wechat, Blogs, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, YouTube, Nairaland, LinkedIn and other social platforms.

Today’s and future’s technologies usher in new era of automation, robotics, electric cars, mechatronics, software etc. Having worked with diagnostic software, this software can detect and solve problems in vehicles. This is the era we are and we will always advance where software and robots will do the jobs of humans. This is how Robots and automation will take jobs from people. Self driven cars or robots driven cars will take out our conventional drivers from the market. Automated kitchen is now doing the work of a house wife. Electric cars by Elon Musk will phase out fossil powered cars using IC engines. Automated plants will phase out conventional plants like Coca Cola plants, GE plants, Guinness plants, Sabmiller(AB InBev) plants etc. All these companies will upgrade to automated plants with less human effort and less cost in operating these automated plants.

Technology has come to stay. Crude oil is almost gone with the advent of electric cars and renewable energy. Android phones phased out Nokia and Black berry phones. WhatsApp phased out Pinging in BB and 2go. Flash share/Xender is on and people are no longer using Bluetooth frequently.

Embrace technology because it has come to stay and change the way we do things. Innovation is the king of technology because it has made life easy and faster. Those who fail to upgrade and innovate will be phased out. Jobs will be available for the innovative minds that will improve and learn continuously across all fields.

Technology will take jobs from people and create jobs for the innovative minds. In fact, it will create more jobs than take jobs from people. If you’re a football fan, Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology used in Russia 2018 world cup created more jobs in the football world today. Four additional referees through VAR technology are now being employed on the football pitch with the two linesmen and the officiating referee. Before it was three, one officiating referee, two linesmen but today it is six, two Linesmen, one officiating referee and four Video Assistant Referees in the VAR room. In this scenario, technology has created four additional jobs in the football world today. In the football world, we have hundreds of football pitches technology has created jobs through VAR technology today.

Michael Lelecy Yahaya, A Mechanical Engineer and Currently Work In Abuja.


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