HAVE A MENTOR!!! by Michael Lelecy Yahaya

A mentor is to guide, direct, assist and show you the way. The process is called mentorship. A mentor guides you in your career path. He is open and ready to render selfless service to you. A mentor is also a leader without bitterness. He is a leader without envy. He is a leader without hatred. He is a leader that will catapult you to your success. A mentor is a leader that will show you the light, so that, you should find your way.

“One of the major challenge of graduates, majority don’t have mentors.” – Michael Lelecy Yahaya

Great leaders in history all have mentors. People who mentored them to greatness.

One of the easiest ways to get to your destination on time is to ask those who have been coming from there during mentorship.

Some graduates don’t know their potentials because of lack of mentorship.

As a graduate or undergraduate, you need someone as your mentor.
In life, you need someone as your mentor

As a graduate, try and have a mentor. It will help you a lot. Do your research about someone who is ahead of you.

Have mentors in your field of study and career path. Have mentors in other fields like in management, business, leadership etc

Your journey to success is easy when you undergo mentorship.

Have a MENTOR!!!

Michael Yahaya is a Mechanical Engineer and currently work in Abuja


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