Housekeeping and Emergency Evacuation in the case of Fire

How is your kitchen arranged?

How is your passage arranged?

How is your verander/balcony arranged?

How is your living room arranged?

Is your staircase clear and accessible?

You ask the rest of the questions. You know the answers.

Alright! The above questions will make most of us guilty and even trying to figure out where the gallon of kerosene/petrol is left. Even the locations of the pans/basins, buckets, water gallons etc are battle of the mind as you read through.

Most home fires start from the kitchen. The sitting room and meter point are not left out.

Checkout the way/passage to your kitchen. Most people choose this place as packing garrage. The verander too. That is the home of power generators for most people living upstairs.

In emergency situation, those things packed/littered on the escape/exit route will hinder safe evacuation thereby increasing the risk tendency. You may either sustain injury during escape or trapped or slowed. The fire/heat/smoke may affect you as a result.

If you must pack stuff on the exit route please create a way for escape. Don’t cover the whole place with luggage. Allow walkway through which you can evacuate safely during any emergency.

What you don’t use please don’t keep

Make your kitchen, staircase, verander, living room, passage etc as clear and accessible as possible and perform the exit drill always to equip yourself with the safe evacuation skill.

Always remember EDITH (Exit Drill In The Home). Do it often. From living room to the outside of the house. Walk briskly from the kitchen to your safe muster point. And so on.

Don’t forget to check your toilet, children’s room as you exit (Junior or Mimi may be there) and close all doors behind you as you exit. While outside check that everyone has been evacuated including maids and visitors.

If anyone is missing, search for him if it is safe for you. Call for help if not. You must do something to find him.

Your housekeeping plays vital role in your safety. Make your housekeeping a program to be run every moment and involve every member of the household including your househelp/maid (maids are most neglected member of the household but seem to be the safest and most favoured)

Your safety first!
Keep the priority!


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