kaduna Ountgoing Chairman, Engr Abdulrasheed Babalola rounds off tenure with



All praises are due to Allah SWT: The Lord of the Worlds. The Beneficent and the Merciful Who in His Mercy has brought us together to witness yet another close of the NSE year in the history of our dear Branch.

I am honored and privileged to come before you this afternoon to present my Stewardship Speech as the Chairman of the great Kaduna Branch of our noble, the Society of Engineers 


Recall that I took over the mantle of leadership, as Chairman of this great branch on the 3rd of September,2016 to serve a straight term of two years’ in line with the provisions of our MEMART / Bye Laws.I want to thank you for the great confidence reposed in me and members of my team to lead this Branch which is now known nationwide as “The Great Kaduna Branch”.The tenure of the Branch Executives and accompanying Committee elapsed after duration of two years tenure.Today’s event mark the conduct of electing new Branch Executives that will take over the affairs of the Branch for the next two years.It is also an event for self-appraisal and determination of ways to further move the Branch forward.

Within the last two years, we gained many new members, numbering over Hundred (100) and about Twenty (20) of our intending members are set for full membership through the forth coming September diet of NSE examination /interview.  Equally, within the last one year, we lost a prominent member of the Branch. At this junction, join me in remembering Engr Steve Owonaiye FNSE.

Dreams on assumption of office

My major dreams on assumption of office as Branch Chairman were not limited to the followings:

  1. Revamp the Spouses group of the Branch as obtainable at other Branches
  2. Source for alternative land and commence work on the erection of permanent secretariat site for our dear Branch
  • Mobilize members for active participation at all Branch activities / programs
  1. Enhance the technical skills of members for prompt professional delivery
  2. Impact seriously on young engineers through laudable programs
  3. Improve our national and international recognition by making the Branch more visible than ever
  • Organize more interesting meetings that will draw members to the fold
  • Improve on the financial base of the branch

Am happy to say it here that with the cooperation of my amiable colleagues in the Executive Committee of the Branch, each of these aspirations were realized to a good level within the first year of  my tenure as Branch Chairman. The following mark the points of success within this period:


  • PROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT FOR MEMBERS; A total of thirteen (13) Technical presentations, with most of the packages delivered at the Monthly General Meetings. Six (6) Seminars and four(4) workshops were held during the period. While still raveling in the memories of the 2017 Engineering Week, the 2018 edition is around the corner as suitable stage had been set for its kick-start.
  • NUMBER OF MEETINGS HELD:-All monthly general meetings and EXCO meetings were held all chaired by me (Branch Chairman) despite the distance between AkwaIbom and Kaduna State where I currently work, except that of July, 2017 and June 2018 which I delegated the Vice Chairman to represent me due to logistics reasons. Also, a total of seven (7) Council Meetings held within the period had the Branch full representation.
  • SECRETARIAT MANAGEMENT:- NSE- Kaduna Branch Secretariat was successfully managed with four (4) staffs including the newly recruited driver. The good news here is that, our 18 seater bus that has been given us problems had now been completely fixed since the resumption of the new driver. Also, a Sienna bus was purchased for logistics reasons as well as to improve our image, due to more frequent invitation to attend state government organized programmes. These we can attribute to the visibility of our branch through our numerous enriching programmes which has brought us closer to the state government than ever. This has also earned us a new Secretariat at the state Ministry of Work, Courtesy of the Former Commissioner of Works, Transport and Housing, Engr. Usman Hussein, MNSE.


Due to increasing visibility of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), in Kaduna State, the Branch had become showered with incessant invitations to attend government functions, events and programmes on a scale never experience before. Stated below are just few of such occasions

  • Invitation to attend a town hall meeting on 2018 budget by the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El Rufai
  • Invited by the Federal Ministry of Works, Housing and Urban Dev. to inspect the ongoing construction of Mass Housing at Rigachikun and Eastern Bye pass
  • Invitation by His excellency, the executive governor of Kaduna State to attend the commissioning of Zaria Water Treatment Plant
  • Invitation to attend the NWRI Mando Validation Workshop on NEPAD capacity Skill Gap Evaluation Analysis
  • Invitation to Attend the bid opening in respect of Pre- Qualification Tender for the Renovation and Rehabilitation of State Government Assets
  • Invitation to attend the Nigerian Institute of Architecture on the topic, “Building Collapse and Flood Control: Role of professionals and the Public
  • Invitation to attend the swearing in ceremony of the MD of KADRA, Engr. Lawal Magaji
  • Invitation to Set aptitude test questions for the recruitment of Engineers into the service of Kaduna State Road Development Agency (KADRA)
  • Invitation by the Honorable Commissioner of Water Resources, to attend the wedding Fatia of his Daughter that took place at LERE
  • Invitation to Set aptitude test questions for the recruitment of Engineers into the service of Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Agency (KASUPDA)
  • Invitation/admission into the board of Kaduna public works Agency (KADRA)
  • Invitation / admission into board of the Kaduna State Ministry of Finance Efficiency Unit
  • Invitation to stakeholders workshop on review of proposed KASUPDA MANUAL by Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Agency (KASUPDA)
  • Invitation to the Convocation  ceremony of Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)
  • Invitation to attend the Graduation ceremony of the Local Community of Host of NNPC/ KRPC on the their been trained on skills acquisition programme by the Managing Director of KRPC etc.


The Branch has demonstrated sufficient sensitivity towards our Young Engineers in the past two years, as it constantly reached out to Engineering Corp Members at the NYSC Camp with impacting lecture leaving them with lecture material and Handbills at all time. It is also worthy to note that due to our consistently partnering with the NYSC management, Engineering corps Members are been posted to engineering firm almost 100% where they can learn relevant engineering experiences. In the same vein we reached out to Engineering students particularly in Kaduna Polytechnic in collaboration with our vibrant divisions. Also to mention is the free training on service design to young engineers which was sponsored by Engr SAO Samuel FNSE and Engr Adaramoye for 2018 edition and Engr. Air. CdrS.A. Soladoye, FNSE for 2017 edition.Participant were given the privilege to have interaction with some of the Fellows and Expert in Civil, Mechanical and Electrical design. At this time I like to appreciate efforts of the following senior members of our branch for answering our call free of charge to give their time, knowledge and experience to our young engineers, they are :Engr B. K. Mohammed FNSE, Engr M.O. Ibrahim FNSE, Engr Dr. Brown Oyeleke, Late Engr Steven Owonaiye FNSE, Engr S.A.O Samuel, FNSE, Engr. Jonathan David, FNSE, and Engr. Yusuf Alimi, FNSE.


Within the last two years, Several Interactive forums has been put in place to ease communication, these includes :, Elders forum, comprising all past chairmen and Fellows of the Branch. EXCO forum, comprising current executive members of the Branch and Divisional Chairmen, Committees’ Chairmen’s forum, Secretariat building committee forum, Young Engineers forum, Unemployed Engineers forum, KADA 2018 LOC forum and recentlyThe Great Kaduna Engineers” for all engineers practicing anywhere in Kaduna State. At the inception of this EXCO, we collaborated with the media, where they agreed to cover our events and activities almost free of charge. I am happy also to mention it here that within the last two years, Newspaper of various types has carried the branch events about 25 times, Television programmes 16 times, Radio programmes 22 times and online news 28 times.  All these were done to fulfill the quest for reaching members and public promptly with information. This means of communication has greatly enhanced information dissemination amongst members and has improved our membership drive which I can boldly say has increased by over 25%.

I want to at this time appreciate our various erudite presenters for yielding to our call to redeeming the image of our profession by presenting technical papers on tropical issues which will serve as a template for the government of Kaduna state, Nigeria and the world at large. Papers presented at the period are:

Technology Acquisition: The Route To True Industrialisation In Nigeria by Engr. S. I. Sodangi

 The place of Civil Engineers Profession in the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment, by Dr. Paul O. Ameh

Why Buildings Collapse in Nigeria by Engr. OginniMurainaAlade, MNSE

Relevance of Vehicle National Identification Scheme and Driver’s License to Security Process in Nigeria by Corp Commander O F Udoma, FRSC Kaduna Sector Command

Effective Engineering Education and Practice for sustainable Development of SME’s by Engr. Dr. Alex OkopiMomoh, FNSE

Survival of the Manufacturing Sector in Nigeria’s Depressed Economy: Sharing Experience by Engr. Dr. Daudu Joachim O., FNSE.

Carrier Opportunities for Young Engineers in Aviation Sector by Engr. Air CMDR M. A. Soladoye, FNSE

Durability, Acceptability and Economic Benefit of Concrete Road to a Developing Nation by Engr. Dr. Isa UsmanEmoabino, FNSE

The Role of Defence Industries Corporation in the face of Current Security Challenges in Nigeria by Engr. Major General B O Ogunkale, FNSE

Modular Refinerie: A panacea to for Petroleum Products Shortage &Illegagal Refineries in Nigeria byEngr Ezekiel. Adebayo, MNSE

 Connected With Government & Corporate Personalities

In the last two years, the Branch had paid a number courtesy visits to personalities both in government and corporate organizations in Kaduna State. For record a total of Twenty-six(26) courtesy visits had been successfully embarked upon within the period. Quite remarkably,such visits include that paid to the Vice Chancellor of Kaduna State University, Rector of Kaduna Polytechnic, Commandants of NDA , AFIT, Air force base, DG of DICON, others are Commissioner of works, Housing and Transport, Managing director of Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical etc.

Workshops and Seminars: Prior to this period, workshops and seminars were seldomly done. With the new touches within this period, the workshops and seminars are becoming institutional within the branch. Within the period, trainings were held on AutoCAD (2D & 3D),Civil, Mechanical and Electrical design, Interactive session with professional Engineering consultants, and Geographic Information Systems. It is intended that these and other trainings will become annual events.

Revamping of Spouse Group:The Branch has successfully revamped the spouse’s programme which has faced a setback for a long time. I am happy to mention it here today, that we now have a formidable team of spouse led by my wife, MrsMojisolaTinuolaBabalola supported by  MrsFalilat Mustafa, MrsGauji, MrsOchu , MrsOsho and so onnumbering up to forty- five (45) in number. Our women now independently hold their meetings and programme in line with the Branch bye laws. They have added in no small ways to our achievements in areas of delivering our social responsibility to Kaduna state Government.Some of the programme emback upon by the spouses includes:

  1. Visit to Yusuf Dantsoho General Hospital for distribution of gift item to sick and nursing mothers
  2. Visit to Unique orphanage home for distribution of food , cloth and other give items
  • Visit to fate works orphanage home for distribution of food , cloth and other give items. etc.

Collection of Revoked Land:The Branch about twenty plots of Land at Trade Fair complex that was revoked by Government and compensation paid was recollected and certificate of occupancy (CofO) and accumulated grand rent paid for.

Fencing of Kudenda Plot: The 4 plots of land acquired by the Branch at Trikania new layouts was given a complete perimeter fencing to protect it from encroachment and the necessary documents processed. It is the thinking of this outgoing EXCO that these plots could be developed for commercial purposes.

Encouraging Engineering and Engineering Technology: The Branch has institutionalized a science based quiz competition among Secondary schools in Kaduna state. This is to encourage the study of science and engineering. Award of mobile laboratory wort N250,000 was given as star prize with other fantabulous awards

End-of-year Dinner Restructuring: Before now, the Branch had always gone out cap-in-hand soliciting for funds for our annual dinner. Within this dispensation, the Branch funded her dinners without recourse to seeking external funding. In addition, the activities at the dinner were further restructured which ensured prudence in spending resulting into a reduced expenditure.

KADA 2018: The Branch readiness to host the 2018 version of the NSE National Conference / AGM tagged KADA 2018 was reconfirmed at the 10th May, 2018 Council meeting held at Hotel Seventeen, Kaduna.  The preparation to ensure a successful AGM is at top gear. The LOC Chairman, Engr. M. O. Ibrahim FNSE, his assistance Engr. Dr. Alex OkopiMomoh FNSE and all subcommittee Chairmen , EXCOs,  Elders and Members of our great Branch are all working tirelessly to ensure no stone is left on turned towards the achieving the best AGM so far. As I speak,I can say that the Branch is  95% ready on our preparation for the hosting.

Group Dynamic Competitions: Kaduna Branch had maintained her stand in the National Group Dynamic Competitions for Branches. In 2014 Kaduna Branch emerged 2ndin the competition while in 2016, the Branch emerged 4thand 6th in 2017: In order to regain the past glory of coming first, the Branch has successfully carried out adequate programme and currently been packaged for submission by the standing committee headed by Engr. Dr. Alex Okopi Momoh, FNSE.

Branch Secretariat Building: I am happy once again to inform you that we have been able to collect our revoked land back from Kaduna State Government. Effort to commence the building of our proposed ultra-modern permanent secretariat has commenced. The drawing has been reviewed, approval been sought, blocks, sand and other building materials been negotiated. I can boldly say that, by the grace of God the foundation stone of the secretariat building will be laid before the ending of this year.I thereby advice the incoming EXCO to ensure the continuity of this effort. Permit me to appreciate the efforts of the Branch secretariat building committee for their tireless effort to the recorded successes. I also want to thank Engr. M. I. Isha, DG KADGIS Mallam Ibrahim Garba Husaini, Honourable Commissioner for Rural Development, Engr. Usman Mahmud Hassan and Former.Honorable Commissioner Water Resource Engr Suliman Lere .

Armiya’u Foundation: This Foundation within the last two years got registered with the Corporate Affairs, to this regards, It was agreed at the joint meeting of the Board of Trustees, NSE EXCO and Central working Committee in the presence of Chairman BOT, Hon. Justice Mamman Nasir GCON that henceforth, the lecture and award presentation shall be  a yearly programme and at the same time be extended to all over institutions in Nigeria not only the Northern institution’s as its used to be. The memories of the 8th edition (2016) with theme “Sustainable Infrastructural Development for Economic Growth”and the proceeding 9th edition (2017) with theme “Good Governance for Sustainable Infrastructure Development in Nigeria” will ever remain with us. We had also planned the 10th edition but due to the magnitude of the assignment before us, The KADA 2018, we tactically suspend to next 2019 God willing. I want thank the Chairman of the cental Working Committee, Engr. Dr. Isa Usman Emoabino FNSE  and his team for ensuring these feat.

 Other efforts by our administration includes

  1. Electrification of Meeting Hall with Full light during meetings, Purchase of Industrial Fans
  2. Purchase of Podium with full inscription of NSE Kaduna Branch Logo
  3. Standardize the Divisions of NSE at Kaduna Chapter level through collaboration
  4. Relocation of NSE secretariat to a more befitting, fully Air conditioned building , provided to NSE by State Government through creation of awareness
  5. Organize more lively General Meetings with Attendance of between 180 – 240 Members at each Meetings with Technical Papers at each Meetings


The major areas where we had challenges include the followings:

  1. Non-payment of Dues: It is gradually becoming a habit for members not to pay their subscriptions to the Branch except when they are seeking elective offices. As at today, the Branch is being owned over N2m as dues by members. This is after sifting the supposed non-existing members. The Branch will have to take decisive measures to curb this situation as the Branch mainly derives her funds from intending Corporate members presently. This EXCO has however initiated the thinking of getting due paid through organizations where Engineers work. We are currently experimenting with KRPC. Upon conclusion of this with  KRPC  we then  seek further frontiers.
  2. Members’ Attitude to Branch Programs: Similar to the case of non-payment of dues, members have very weak attitude towards the branch activities. Aside from monthly meetings, members are seldom at branch events no matter the level of information disseminated. This is not helping the EXCO and the Branch. It is my prayer that this will change with the coming EXCO Member..


I hereby expressed my sincere appreciation to Almighty Allah for granting me the opportunity to have steered the affairs of the Branch in the last 24 months.My deep appreciation to Fellows and members of our Branch for their total commitment and for tolerating my excesses and most importantly, for your trust in my leadership team and me.To me, this was a great honour.  It has further confirmed that God does not choose those who are qualified to lead but he qualifies those that are chosen. The last 24 months have been quite memorable and eventful even though It cost me much as a result of trying to give my best to the Branch. I have travel at all time from AkwaIbom State to Chair Meetings and attend Courtesy and Industrial visits. I have spent so much of my hard earn money, though it is my pleasure.

I want to appreciate our Distinguish Elders of this great Branch for reposing confidence in me.They did not spare an inch in counseling and proffering needed directions particularly when the sailing became turbulent. I am greatly indebted to members of my leadership team – the EXCOs, for their unflinching support and loyalty. They were great support and aspiration to me. I call them lovers of this Branch. I thank them for tolerating my in-adequacies them and other members of the Branch whos trust have had cause to be grilled, I tender my apologies. All were in the course of ensuring that success is attained and that the Branch is better for it.

I particularly want to show my appreciation to my IPC, Engr, Dr E. J .Upahi, MNSE, his advice and positive criticism has been a catalyst to all evident achievement recorded. I say thank you sir.Let me show the depth of my gratitude to my wife Mrs. Mojisola Tinuola Babalola for bearing with my absence and long hours of meetings in the course of carrying out my duties as chairman and also for helping me stair up the spouses program. I pray for continue support of all to the incoming EXCO.

Permit me at this point to specially appreciate all the Great Kaduna Engineers for ensuring my election into the enviable National Executive position. My special thanks also to my dynamic divisional chairmen. As it is always said one tree cannot make a forest, they have joined my Branch Executives to be my source of popularity and the successes recorded within the last two year. I promise to reward the most vibrant divisional chairman as well as the EXCO of the year, which I know will be difficult for me choose as they have all worked very hard.

Thank you all

Long live The Nigerian Society of Engineers, Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

 Engr. Dr. Abdulrasheed Babalola, MNSE

Outgoing Branch Chairman


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