Science Ministry to assist Benin bronze casters to modernise production

The Ministry of Science and Technology will assist Benin bronze casters to modernise their production processes, the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbananya Onu, has said.

Onu made the statement during a one-day working visit to Benin Museum and the Igun Bronze Village in Benin on Saturday.

He said arts and artifacts were vital for science and technology development.

Onu said by assisting in developing bronze casting production processes, the ministry would be creating jobs in the artifacts sector.

He said the ministry would use one of its agencies, National Technology Incubation Centre, to provide modern technology for the sector.

He said the government would leverage on the ingenuity of bronze casters to create lots of jobs as arts and crafts had a large market.

The minister said the country had a great past and the need for the Edo Government to organise exhibition of the arts, especially bronze works.

He said the ministry was determined to take Nigeria away from its past to enable it to create wealth and jobs as well as defeat poverty.

He said arts and artifacts were important in science and technology, as the production of artifacts could be described as mastery of technology.

Onu said the country needed science and technology in every facet of life, including culture and security.

“We want to draw attention of the nation to what our ancestors have done so that we can be proud and build on their achievements,” he said.

Onu said it was gladdening history had been reintroduced in the school curriculum in Nigeria, stressing that no enlightened person could do without history.

The minister was conducted round the museum by Mr Ikhuehi Omonkhua, the Chief Exhibition Officer, on an inspection of artifacts at National Museum in Benin and Igun Bronze Village.



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