Nigeria short on engineering knowledge application – Engr Lanre Adewolu

The Managing Director, Langrad Engineering and Manufacturing Company Limited, Engr. Lanre Adewolu, says most young engineers in the country lack exposure to knowledge applications in the profession.

Adewolu, who spoke during the company’s 40th anniversary in Lagos, on Saturday, noted that universities and polytechnics only teach theories but were not exposing engineering students to the practical aspect of their studies.

He said, “There is a difference between knowledge and the application of knowledge. We are short on the application of knowledge; we don’t make use of knowledge enough. There are lots of opportunities in engineering; if you are a very good engineer, you can make a lot of money but you have to work hard. The engineers we are producing now and even those teaching them don’t know engineering, they only know the theories. When we were being trained, we were spending six months in the university and six months in the industry, and that is a different type of training.”

Adewolu noted that as part of giving back to the society and encouraging the young ones to excel in the engineering profession, the company had concluded plans to establish a training and resource centre for engineers.

He added, “We are setting up another body called the Langrad Resources Centre for Integrated Development, where we will train engineers in design, technology and skills acquisition. We are starting that later this year; we have already acquired the necessary building.

“We are trying to aid Nigerian engineers by giving them the opportunity to have the industrial experience and to ensure that engineers get the right training. We should not always depend on government; we depend too much on government in this country. Those in government are politicians who are there for themselves alone.”

Speaking on the company’s anniversary, Adewolu, who also recently turned 80 years’ old, said hard work kept him and the firm going for the past 40 years.

“The story of Langrad is a very simple story; we started 40 years ago and we thank God it has survived till now. We have worked all over Nigeria on different projects; we don’t work for the government, we only work for companies. Within those years, we passed through a lot but because God was behind us, we survived,” he added.

-Source: Punch


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