Nigeria’s economy won’t develop without adequate funding of R&D – Science Academy

Without adequate funding of Research and Development (R &D), Nigeria’s economy will remain undeveloped, the Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS) has said.

The President of NAS, Prof Mosto Onuoha who disclosed this to journalists in an interview on the sideline of the workshop: ‘Shaping the future of researchers in developing countries’ in Abuja, said Nigeria would go nowhere if research isn’t properly funded.

According to him, most of the African leaders do not see it wise to spend huge amount of money on scientific research and this is taking the continent backward.
“We will continue to say Nigeria may not get it right if the government continue to spend little on scientific research,” he said.

Also speaking with journalists, the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos, Prof Ayo Ibidapo Obe said insufficient infrastructure being experienced across all the sectors of the Nigerian economy was due to low spending on scientific and engineering research.

Prof Ibidapo Obe, who is also a former president of NAS, added that Nigeria would continue to lag economically if funding on science and innovation is not increased by the government.

He said at least one percent of the country’s annual budget should go to research, adding that a bill to that effect which is in the national assembly should be given a speedy passage.

He says research for technological innovations is very essential if Nigeria doesn’t want to remain a consumer nation.

“Let the government keep on encouraging every Nigerian to continue with research on how to better our lives and improve the country’s economy,” the former UNILAG VC said.

He also urged politicians and government officials to ensure there is always consistence in policies and programmes of government.


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