Unesco wants lecturers to go for internship

Gulu University vice chancellor Prof George Openjuru has called for lecturers to consider heading out on internship with their students to appreciate how the skills they impart are appreciated in the job market.Prof Openjuru said he was making the call on the back of persistent concerns about the quality of graduates by prospective employers. He argued that lecturers were possibly unaware of the changing demands in the market place.“Universities must change the way they are teaching. So, we are working with NGOs, government agencies, policymakers and stakeholders in various universities to see that lecturers go for internship in companies so as to teach what is up to date,” he said.The call came during a two-day conference called under the theme. ‘Towards meaningful partnerships: Rethinking lifelong learning and work in Uganda at Esella Country Hotel in Wakiso last week. The conference was supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco), in partnership with Gulu, Makerere and Uganda Martyrs Universities.

Prof Openjuru said the move to involve lecturers in internship would have far reaching consequences.

“We want a curriculum review, we want to produce a different kind of graduate, as we are concerned that our education is not impacting the economy,” Openjuru said.

The secretary general of Unesco’s National Commission, Rosie Agoi backed the idea. She observed that the work of universities it to teach, carry out research and anything that fails realization of these objectives should be eliminated for the good of the country.


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