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    “If every engineer works with a vision, the country can grow by leaps and bounds” _ , Vishnukant S. Chatpalli,


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    Vishnukant S. Chatpalli, Advisor for National Assessment and Accreditation Council Bengaluru, speaking at 6th Graduation day at PDA Engineering College in Kalaburagi on Sunday. 

    If every engineer works with a vision, the country can grow by leaps and bounds, Vishnukant S. Chatpalli, Advisor, National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Bengaluru, said.

    He was speaking at the 6th Graduation Day at Poojya Dooddappa Appa College of Engineering in Kalaburagi on Sunday. Prof. Chatpalli said Indian engineers have done wonders in the field of technology and have a major role to play in the development of the nation.

    With one of the largest and youngest populations in the world, India needs to create millions of good quality jobs in the future to ensure decent living conditions for the vast majority. India scores well in terms of access to finance for business development. He said India has for the first time broken into the club of the 100 nations easiest to conduct business in the World Bank’s ‘Doing Business 2018: Reforming to Create jobs Report’ released recently. India jumped 30 places to the 100th rank among 190 countries.

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    The nation has seen transformational reforms in the past year with two tectonic changes including the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax(GST) and the demonetisation of high-value currencies.

    Prof. Chatpalli, underlining the role of each individual in nation building, emphasized that success is not inherited but achieved by hard work and enterprise. He called on outgoing students to choose opportunities to excel in their careers.

    Naveen Jha,CEO, Deshpande Foundation, said the right attitude and discipline are ingredients for success.

    Keetri from the Department of Computer Science bagged six gold medals, scoring the highest marks. Shilpa from electrical department won three gold medals. Twenty-one graduates from various departments of 2015-16 batch bagged 34 gold medals. T.Rajeshree won a gold medal along with a cash prize of ₹10,000. Srinath Patil, Niranjan Bhosle,Shwetha Kulkarni, Deepika, Ambika Patil and Pooja.P.Math, won one gold medal each.

    Thirty gold medals were received by 20 students of the batch. Krishna Rathi of Electronics and Communication Engineering won five gold medals, while Savita from Civil Engineering department won three gold medals and a cash award of ₹10,000. Kavya Joshi of Electrical and Electronic Engineering bagged three gold medals. Aditi, Akash and Putnanja won one gold medal each.

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    The president of the Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society Basavaraj Bhimalli and college principal S.S.Awanti were present.

    Source: The Hindu

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