IET goes on web TV to promote engineering

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has teamed up with ITN Productions to create an engineering online TV programme offering technology news and advice on careers in the industry.

Called ‘Engineering the Next Generation, the aim, says the IET, will be to “showcase the work being done to attract our future generations to engineering and the diverse range of jobs available in this sector, many which are unknown to career seekers”

Alison Carr, Director of Governance and Policy, IET, writes:

“This new online programme addresses the current, most important challenges we are facing in the engineering and technology industry as well as showcasing the huge range of exciting and rewarding opportunities engineering presents.
“Engineers are creators, inventors and innovators and we hope this programme inspires the next generation of talent, who will play a vital role in shaping our future.”

The programme will also discuss how work experience and apprenticeships have a role to play in attracting the younger generation into a career in engineering.

Organisations and companies to be featured include: Bosch UK, EPSRC, G-Research, Thales, TTP plc and University of Strathclyde.

Simon Shelley, Head of Industry News, ITN Productions, said:

“By examining the importance of engineering we hope to contribute to the debate on how we ensure the growth, talent and perceptions of the sector.”

Source: ElectronicWeekly


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