Local engineers are under-utilized, three tiers of govt should patronise them – Ali

The Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria ‎(COREN) has called on the Federal Government to use local engineers for infrastructural development and technological advancement of the nation.

The President of COREN, Mr Kashim Ali, made the appeal on Tuesday at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigerian in Kano.

Ali said, “We are calling on the three tiers of government to patronise and utilise ‎local engineers for the technological advancement of the nation.

“Nigerian society is also under-utilising the local engineers in the nation, hence, the dearth of infrastructural facilities in the country,” he said. Ali said that until the Nigerian Society begins to take her engineers more seriously, technological advancement would continue to elude it.

He decried that many local engineers were going into the banking sector because the Nigerian society had failed to employ their services. ‎Ali, represented by Tasiu Badawa, said that beside the general utilisation of the Nigerian engineers, the female engineers alone have the capacity to take the nation out of the current economic hardship

He said that the Nigerian Society of Engineers had made its position known on the need for the government to diversify the economy and salvage what was left of it economically. ‎Earlier, Hauwa Sadiq, the President, Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria, called on the Federal Government to save the economy both in the short and long run.


  1. This is a critical and timely realization, sir. Those out there think our job is either to wear suit and speak grammar or to robe like a semi-madman and swim around in a pool of grease.
    1. Engineer or Determine the particular task and action handworkers are suppose to perform on given jobs.
    2. Keep track/record of all previous jobs done for ready reference in the future.
    3. Negotiate technical transactions of all intended equipment purchases between the would-be user – hospital, ICT Unit, workshop, press, and any other area that requires specialized tools or equipment – and the vendor.
    4. Keep track of all trades, crafts, and special skills in the establishment.
    5. Identify the skills need and gap in needed hand skills as well as recommend needed trainings to undo such gaps.
    6. The major role of ingeniers is to determine how available hand skills can be used to meet the technical needs of an establishment and avoid the need to award jobs to contractors.
    7. Ensure all tools and equipment are performing at their best as well as Identify needed but missing tools and equipment in the establishment.
    8. Reverse-engineer all exotic technologies and transfer such to the technical manpower for ease of handling and maintaining such equipment, with prior approval from top management.
    9. Seeks specific or actual appropriate consultants for areas outside competence or field of study.
    10. Train young ingeniers by allocating tasks to them and supervising them while they do it to assess their level of progress.


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