Stop the Peddlers of Junk Science and Religious Nuttery Before Their Superstitions Kill Us All!

If you have a scientific background, please quit being politely reticent about nonsense that could kill us all. Shut them down. Next time you hear or see somebody wailing that HAARP caused the hurricanes or laser beams held Harvey over Houston, wade in. Take the time to explain the science.

Pseudo-science is as dangerous as the “Hurricanes happen because God hates gays” garbage – – in this instance because it is keeping humanity from acting on the real problem until it’s too late. We cannot indulge pseudo-science another minute.

These storms are ferocious — as science has since the 1970s has predicted they would be — because the earth is very rapidly warming and warm air retains more moisture than cold air. The earth is rapidly warming because of a carbon dioxide (and now CO2 plus increasing methane) layer in the upper atmosphere is acting like a greenhouse dome. The chemical dome is there because fossil fuel use and concrete production give off CO2 and the melting tundra is releasing methane.

Climate change is about to speed up incredibly. We’ve moreover hit the feedback loops that scientists have warned about and so feared.

The increasing heat is melting ice that was hundreds of feet thick. Ice reflects sunlight. Once it melts, the darker land or water that was beneath it ABSORBS heat, increasing the warming which melts the ice faster which uncovers the land and water which absorb heat faster which increases the rate of warming….

Dehydration caused by increased heat is increasing forest fires which give off CO2 which thickens the greenhouse gas layer which increases heats which increases dehydration which increases forest fires….

Increased heat and fire is melting the frozen peat moss on Canadian forest floors, and the peat is up to eighteen feet thick. Fires do not go out for months, which increases heat and melt and CO2 and heat and fire….

Methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. The increasing heat is melting the Russian tundra which is releasing methane which is thickening the greenhouse gas layer which is increasing heat which is melting tundra which is releasing methane…. And so on.

Good rule to explain to others: If you lack the level of education in a specific field required to judge the accuracy of a post, do not share it. So even if you have a PHD in botany, do not publish on advanced physics (and the idea that “HAARP is holding Harvey over Houston” is advanced physics which btw says “The hell it is!”). The exception is something published in a really solid scientific source like NASA or Science or New Scientist that vets it for you.

Infowars and Breitbart are not scientific sources.

Be calm but if you have a scientific background, please do quit being reticent. We need to stop the use of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) immediately, leave it in the ground, and we cannot awaken people to the real danger with this junk science and religious nut stuff floating around. Shut them down or stop and clearly explain before their misunderstandings kill us all.

Thank you.

Gail McGowan Mellor


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