NIMechE Innovation challenge: OGITECH won as LASPOTECH and OOU shine

NIMechE Innovation challenge: OGITECH won as LASPOTECH and OOU shine
OGITECH Innovators

OGITECH Innovators, A project team from Ogun State Institute of Technology Igbesa has won the maiden NIMechE Innovation Challenge sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering UK. Their Innovation: “IMPROVED CASSAVA GRATING MACHINE” was adjudged as the winner among the 6 on display at the Grand Finale.

The runner ups are Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu (FABRICATION OF IMPROVED INDUSTRIAL GARRI SIEVING MACHINE)  and Olabisi Onabanjo  University (CASSAVA PLANTER: KASPER 1.0) in second and third position respectively.

Improved Cassava Grating machine designed and constructed by team involving Akindele Sodiq Abiodun, Alivide Gabriel Osewedomo and, Oforigara Ogheneovie addressed the need for the development of home-scale grating machine where tubers of cassava being grated, vegetable and fruits can be properly monitored. Designed by using locally available materials, special focus is placed on efficiency, hygiene, portability, health and safety and the ease of operation. Cassava is a common food in Nigeria consume by millions of people daily. It is made into different variety delicacies. The machine can be operated both manually and mechanically. 

The grand finale of the competition which held at the LOCO Hall of Nigerian Railway Corporation headquarters in Lagos is part of the GCRF African catalyst 2016/17 of royal academy of engineering UK. It brought to an end, over 6 months of exciting professional activities which started with 11 shortlisted entries.

The winners were measured based on:

NIMechE Innovation challenge: OGITECH won as LASPOTECH and OOU shine
Second Runner up: Olabisi Onabanjo University Team
  1. Affordability and Accessibility
  2. Scalability
  3. Empathy
  4. Innovation/Differentiation
  5. Technical feasibility
  6. Sustainability and
  7. Team Capabilities/Potentials
  8. Community voting

The Finalists:

6th – Lagos State University, LASU (Spygro Agricultural Sprayer)

5th  – Yaba College of Technology, YABATECH (Wind Turbine for Power generation)

4th – University of Lagos, UNILAG ( Okele maker)

NIMechE Innovation challenge: OGITECH won as LASPOTECH and OOU shine
first runner up: Lagos State Polytechnics team

3rd – Olabisi Onabanjo University, OOU (Cassava Planter)

2nd – Lagos State Polytechnics, LASPOTECH (Sieving of Garri)

1st Ogun State Institute of Technology, OGITECH (cassava Grater)

The  Winners are

  1. Winner: Ogun state institute of technology (Akindele Sodiq Abiodun, Alivide Gabriel Osewedomo, Oforigara Ogheneovie)
  2. First Runner Up: Lagos state polytechnic (Akinsowon Samuel Ayodele, Faleti Samuel Oluwaseyi, Omidiji Olusola Jonathan)
  3. Second Runner up: Olabisi Onabanjo University (Onabanjo Olawale, Kassim Shakira Yewande, Okafor Chukwuemeka Joshua)

The judges at the final are:

NIMechE Innovation challenge: OGITECH won as LASPOTECH and OOU shine
  1. Engr Tunde Zedomi
  2. Engr Mrs idiat Amusu 
  3. Engr Ayo Fanimokun
  4. Engr Ganiu Owolabi
  5. Engr Abiodun Awe
  6. Engr Seun Faluyi

The process

The innovation challenge which is targeted at students of Mechanical Engineering in Tertiary Institutions, Lagos Zone, is to support the discovery of new ideas and solutions in the area of Agriculture, Power Supply, Renewable Energy and Automation, which could potentially create jobs and promote development in Nigeria.

Entries were received through the website portal. A total of 10 schools were targeted for the pilot stage. However 11 entered. The Technical Committee eventually selected 6 for the final stage. The schools are Yaba College of technology, University of Lagos, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Lagos State polytechnic, Lagos State University and Ogun State Institute of Technology.

The institution conducted Prototype competition to select the best three. The competition at this stage was intense as all the six were tied. The committee decided to allow all into the finals.

Symposium, Workshops Demo day were organised for the students while the Technical Committee subdivided into mentors/Supervisors work with the lecturers and schools. With physical visitations to the schools to follow up with the students progress over the period of 6 months including the HODs of the institutions  and their respective supervisors.

Earlier in her address the chairperson of the state told the audience that this is a challenging but very exciting opportunity for both the institution and the participants. She thanked the Royal Academy of a Engineering for their sponsorship of the event under the GCRF African Catalyst programme . While also reserving praise for the project management partner IBLF UK

Engr Oduwa Agboneni thanked the participants and the committees who all participated from the judges to the technical and the publicity. She promises that that the second stage of the competition will be even more intense and more competitive.

In attendance were Engr Ayo Fanimokun, Past National chairman, NIMechE,   Engr MrsValerie Agberagba, Chair, WFEO’s Women in Engineering Standing Committee, Engr Abiodun Awe, MD McBey Nigerian Limited and Former Chairman NSE Ikeja Branch, Engr Idiat Amusu, Former President AWPWEN, Engr Akinwande Johnson, NSE Lagos State Chairman, Engr Akin Akintola, NSE Ikeja Branch Chairman, and host of others including HoDs Engineering and their representatives  from invited Tertiary institutions. 

Special thanks to the following in no particular order for their efforts through the 6 months of the intense programme,  mentoring and preparation: 

Dr Jubril Adeyemo, Engr.  Mrs Taiwo Stella, Engr Adeyemo, Engr Ganiu Owolabi, Engr Idiat Amosu , Engr Akintunde Johnson,  Engr Abiodun Awe,  Engr Segun Fadeyi,  Engr Udemeno,  Engr Iyiola Olaoye, Engr Femi Oluwaniyi,  Engr Niyi Hassan, Murtala Busari,  Osagie Kennedy , Isqil Najim,  Aina Faosat, Engr Akintunde,  Akinola Akinyemi, Oduwa Agboneni, Funmi Akingbagbohun, Seun Faluyi and host of others.. who made this happen through commitment of time and knowledge. Not to Forget, Jane Usifoh, Project Manager, IBLF Global, UK and her team.

About African Catalyst programme:

NIMechE Innovation challenge: OGITECH won as LASPOTECH and OOU shine
Proud Innovators displaying their Product

The aim of GCRF Africa Catalyst is to strengthen professional engineering bodies in sub-Saharan Africa so that they can effectively promote the profession, share best practise and increase local engineering capacity, to help drive development. This is to be supported by high quality research focusing on expanding the evidence base for the importance of robust engineering institutions and the role they play in delivering sustainable growth, and mapping engineering capacity and diversity in the countries where grant funding has been administered.

Report Compiled by Isqil Najim (@isqilnajim). Additional information by Agboola Azeez

NIMechE Innovation challenge: OGITECH won as LASPOTECH and OOU shine NIMechE Innovation challenge: OGITECH won as LASPOTECH and OOU shine

NIMechE Innovation challenge: OGITECH won as LASPOTECH and OOU shine


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