When You Say, “Studying Engineering is Difficult,” Then You Are Wrong

Come to think about it. It happens almost every time that right after you finally understand an engineering lesson, you realize that it was just actually basic. It was not so hard to comprehend after all because you already got what it is supposed to mean.

That piece of knowledge only needs to be absorbed, perhaps through routine or repetition. It’s not like you have to discover or derive them from nature – the principles have already been figured out by generations of scientists and engineers, and all the engineering students have to do in general is study them.

So here’s an insight: engineering is actually pretty simple, it isn’t so complicated at all. The students make it complicated by thinking it is difficult. However, it will only be difficult when the students don’t take time to analyse and learn. A matter of psychology.

Unlike literature, you don’t have to read between the lines which can differ in interpretations. But almost everything you can learn in engineering is absolute, like the scientific constants and formulas. The topics are exact and you don’t have to wander your mind on what the topic is trying to say. Engineering is straightforward.

The tricky part, however, is how to think critically when faced with engineering problems. Some do not have this skill, but the mind can be trained through incessant problem solving and proper mind setting.

Or it can be that the engineering lessons were not introduced and discussed properly by the teachers. This is perhaps the most common reason why many students find their engineering courses difficult, as matters of personal difference could get in the way of the student-teacher relationship.

In turn, there forms a gap between the quality education provided by the school and the students, which results to a difficult understanding of engineering. The next time that you feel stuck in an engineering lesson, just ask yourself this question, “Is my professor teaching this topic properly or am I overthinking things again which makes it difficult for me to learn this?”



  1. The major reason students perform badly when studying engineering is because they applied for the course with the wrong orientation and mindset.
    They enter the University with the intention of learning “handwork” but engineering means ‘working with the mind’.
    They expect to always be engaged in physical tactical implementation of so many things but they found they were only engaged in learning what other persons had done. At a point, they become confused and abandon the programme. Some artisans and craftsmen even go to the extent of hiring mercenaries to write examinations for them to secure admission.
    Pure engineering, which I call ingeniereing, is strictly ‘mindwork’ and has nothing to do with the hands. Admission seekers should understand and accept this before enrollment and there wont be problems.


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