Qualifications Needed to ‘Mechanically Engineer’ a Job in Oil, Gas

Obtaining the best mechanical engineering qualifications for a career in the oil and gas world starts with taking the right subjects in school, Jenny McConnachie, mechanical engineering subject leader at Robert Gordon University’s School of Engineering told Rigzone.

Mechanical engineering is a discipline that deals with the design, analysis, manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance of engines, machinery and tools.

Involving the application of principles such as materials science, physics and thermodynamics, mechanical engineers in the oil and gas industry can work with a wide variety of machines, tools and mechanical systems.

“This includes a minimum of Maths and either Physics or Engineering Science at Higher level, as well as other Highers,” McConnachie said.

“This would allow … [students] to undertake a degree in Mechanical Engineering, though most universities require good Highers in those subjects, as well as English language at National 5 level,” she added.

Engineers need to be able to communicate, have an ability to solve problems and an enthusiasm for the subject, McConnachie stated.

“A broad-based BEng(Hons) or MEng course or a specialist MSc course are equally valuable to the industry,” the university subject leader revealed.

McConnachie also advised budding mechanical engineers to ensure their courses are accredited by a professional engineering institution, as this makes it simpler to work towards becoming a Chartered Engineer.

Study Computer Science Courses
Engineering students looking for a break in oil and gas should also study computer science courses, according to Jose Jimenez, director of Emerson Automation Solutions’ global oil & gas industry business.

“If you are still in school studying hard-core engineering branches (electrical, mechanical, chemical, etc.), make sure you learn some computer science,” Jimenez told Rigzone.

“It will help you better adopt and apply digitalization,” he added.

Digitalization is a phenomenon that has led to a rise in automation within the oil and gas industry.


Source: Rigzone


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