Dr Naomi Ogolo urged Engineers, Government to tap into Nanotechnology Applications

Dr Naomi Ogolo urged Engineers, Government to tap into Nanotechnology Applications
A University Teacher, Dr Noami Amoni Clinton Ogolo, has called on the Federal Government and Nigerian engineers to invest more on research and key into the new technological breakthrough known as the “Nanotechnology”.
Dr Ogolo, who is a senior lecturer at the University of Port Harcourt, Institute of Petroleum Studies, made the call in a paper titled, “The Role of Nanotechnology in Science and Development” she presented at the technical session of the monthly meeting of the Nigeria Society of Engineers, (NSE), Port Harcourt chapter.
She said the newly discovered technology has taken the lead in science and technological world, pointing out that many advanced countries across the globe have keyed into the prospective use of Nanotechnology.
“In the world, USA is taking the lead in Nanotechnology, in Africa, South Africa is taking the lead in Nanotechnology, University of Witwatersand is at the fore-front and was led by a Nigerian, Prof Sunny Iyuke.
The University lecturer explained that “Nanotechnology is a science, a super small science, small but mighty Nanotechnology opens up a world of new possibilities”, stressing that Nigerian engineers should catch into the newly discovered Nanotechnology mechanism for the acquisition of professional basics in the various engineering skills.
Ogolo further noted that Nanotechnology spans into many areas which include information technology, biotechnology, mechanical engineering and robotic, transportation, advanced materials and textiles, energy and environment, aerospace, medicine and health, food and agriculture as well as national security and defence.
She advised the government and engineers to bring to the fore the newly developed technology, saying “some schools in Nigeria are interested, but funds are needed. The government, companies and academia should be involved”.


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