Please read through these instructions very well before filling the application form.

1.    Click on this Link to access the Registration Form

2.    Click on the Download link to download the Acknowledgment and Statement of Experience form as this will be needed during the registration.

3.    Choose your category as it applies to you. The description of each category is on the right side. Please read through the description very well, changing category after application will attract a N5,000 penalty fee. On choosing your desired category, the application fee will load appropriately.

4. Choose your Discipline as it applies to you and select your SubDiscipline from the drop down menu accordingly.

5.    Fill all the basic details on the first step of registration correctly; especially your email address and phone numbers as these are very crucial for communicating to you.

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Please note that these details cannot be changed by you after logging to complete the other parts of the registration. You are expected to fill with utmost carefulness.

6.    Use a valid EMAIL ADDRESS to apply as this is where all correspondences will be directed throughout the registration process.

7.    On clicking on register button, a payment link will be sent to your mail, click on the link to make payment online.

8.    Please note that PAYMENT is strictly online. You can either pay with your Enabled Credit/Debit Card or pay via the Bank Branch by generating a payment reference number from the portal and taking to any bank in Nigeria or pay via any ATM machine in Nigeria. More details on how to pay via the Bank Branch will be sent to your mail after generating the reference number.

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9.    On successful payment either by online or bank branch option you will be able to login to the portal with the Email address and Password you used when registering to fill the registration form.

10.    Please fill all the details on the form correctly.

11.When entering your qualification, you are expected to enter it correctly as written in the example given on the registration form. e.g B.Eng (Civil Eng), B.Tech(Mech. Eng), B.Eng(Elect/Elect)] etc Anything outside won’t be accepted.

12.Please note that your proposer must be financially up to date, you are expected to confirm this from your proposer before entering the proposer details. On entering the proposer number, the name of the proposer will load, always confirm that the proposer number you entered correspond with the proposer name you want to use before clicking on submit button. Also note that Proposer number cannot be changed after clicking on the Register button, you are expected to be very sure of this before clicking on the Register button.

13.On clicking on register button, you will be directed to upload your credentials, or click on My Uploads menu to upload your details.

14.On completion of this, please click on Sign out to end the process.

 You will be contacted by an admin officer or staff on the status of your registration thereafter.

 ** Please note that you can at any time sign out and come back later to complete the registration process.

 ** For those that want to use the Online Payment option, please note that your ATM card should be enable for card payment by your bank, otherwise use the Bank Branch Payment Option.


Candidates who applied in September 2016 and are resitting in April 2017 should please CLICK HERE AND SIGN IN with the Email Address and Password used in registering in September to login to the portal. Click on the Resit fee link and pay the resitting fee.

Candidates that applied earlier than September 2015 should please contact their Sectional Head for necessary action

Deferred candidates should contact their Sectional Head for the necessary action to be taken for being shortlisted for April 2017 Exam.

For all Technical/Support issues, please send a mail to: csep2015@nse.org.ng
You will get response within 48 Hours.
call: 0905-377-8996 For Technical issues only
Our Support Hours

Monday – Friday | 8:00AM – 4:00PM WAT

1.   April 2017 Time Table
2.   Acknowledgment form
3.   Statement of Experience form

Thank You

Did you know you can make payment via any ATM Machine in Nigeria?
Follow the Steps below to make payment via any ATM Machine in Nigeria.
1. Click on the Pay at Bank Branch option to generate a Reference Number
2. Visit any ATM Machine in Nigeria
3. After inserting your Card and entering your PIN, press Quickteller
4. Press Pay Bills, then Others
5. Enter this Payment/Biller Code – 04214401, then press Proceed button
6. Enter the Reference Number you generated from the portal as Customer Reference Number. Please note that the reference number will start with: 5701******* and its a 15 digit number
7. Confirm the amount due for payment and the name of the Corporate which is Nigerian Society of Engineers
8. Pay Amount Due
9. On successful transaction you will be able to login to the portal to complete your registration online.

Source: http://www.nse.org.ng/


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