In honoring Engr. Otis Oliver Tabugbo Anyaeji FNSE, FNIMechE, FAEng,………..


In honoring Engr. Otis Oliver Tabugbo Anyaeji FNSE, FNIMechE, FAEng,...........
The NSE President Sir, We are ecstatic that you are being honoured with the medal/pin/certificate, designated as the 2016 distinguished PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD. This is in recognition and respect of your distinguished services, dedicated fundamental interests, strategic development and progress of your beloved home, Anambra state
This high honour recognises your tremendous contribution to improving lives, hopes and dreams of the entire citizery of Anambra State, and especially your community where you built and donated a church edifice-Shrine of Christ the King. You epitomize the volunteer spirit for which Christians are known. By freely giving your time, leadership and compassion, you have made a tremendous impact on the lives of those around you and people across the nation.
This is certainly a well-deserved award in recognition of your leadership and significant contributions. May your life, time & resources, which you have dedicated to the service of God and humanity, the advancement of Engineering and to the development of NIgeria, continue to inspire selflessness, integrity, patriotism, respect and love.
In honoring Engr. Otis Oliver Tabugbo Anyaeji FNSE, FNIMechE, FAEng,...........We appreciate the Executive Governor of the State, H.E Chief Willie Obiano (Akpokuodike) for identifying your outstanding and contributions. This has been equally impressive. . . .You are highly respected among your people and we are extremely proud of the excellent work and contributions that you have made. They are exceptional and are appropriately recognized. We are so fortunate that you have demonstrated your “Volunteer Spirit” through your work.
On behalf of the entire Fellows and Members of our great professional body, the Nigerian Society of Engineers NSE, I extend our sincerest congratulations to you on this historic and auspicious award. We commend you on your many years of distinguished service.
Engr. Ibitoye A. Kilomodemo, FNSE, FNIMechE, FAutoEl, KLM, MASME, MNSBE, MCSME, MIAENG, MPA, PHF, JP
National Executive Member
Nigerian Society of Engineers


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