Funding Nigerian Fire Services Sector: A Collective Responsibility by Engr. Martin Agbili (AGILITY)

    Funding Nigerian Fire Services Sector: A Collective Responsibility by  Engr. Martin Agbili (AGILITY)
    I was surprise today when I noticed during my research on how Fire Services can be funded by multinational companies or cooperate bodies not waiting for Government to do everything. As I was going through every readable thing I see, I was redirected to insurance company. Briefly this is what I saw.  
    The Insurance Act 2003 The Insurance Act 2003 repealed the Insurance Decree No. 2 of 1997 while reenacting many of the provisions of the former law, it has several other new provisions. This report highlights some of the areas of differences between the former law and the new law.
    Section 65 (4) specifies that 0.25% of the premium collected is to be paid into a Fire Services Maintenance Fund to be administered and disbursed by NAICOM for the purpose of providing grants or procurement of equipment to institutions engaged in fire fighting services in the country. 
    MY TAKE ON THIS LITTLE ONE Now I have seen little truth for Fire Service.
    The issue in the Insurance act has never been implemented as far as I know and as far as Fire Service is concern. Therefore I am calling on them to try no matter how little to assist in the funding of Fire Service in the country. 
    General public should also know that funding of Fire Service is not only the responsibility of the Government. Governnent of the day is trying her best but a lot still need to be done. Cooperate bodies and multinational companies should also come to aid of Fire Service no matter how little it may look. Grants can also be given to Fire Service. 
    For instance, Banks, Companies, Markets do sometimes buy cars, vehicles, pick-up vans or other important items and donate it to Army, Police, Civil Defense, FRSC but nobody will remember to give or donate anything to Fire Service for prompt service delivery. The same can still be donated to Fire Service. 
    Majority of the Officers of Fire Service has no official car but they will expected to move in the mid night to any scene of fire to direct those firefighters on shift duty. Myself, almost any night, I receive distress calls from the public and individuals on Fire Incidence ; I will still manage and drive my official car to the scene of fire, no matter the time in question. 
    Yes, we know that Fire Service Trucks are very expensive to procure compared to those patrol cars and pick-up vans which other paramilitary organisations are using but these big companies can still do little about it. 
    These bodies should know that Fire Service is to the core humanitarian and that firefighters are doing humanitarian and selfless service to save peoples’ lives and properties. 
    We are always ever ready to serve the public and YOU, that is reading this short article., Help Fire Service so that Firefighters will help the public. 
    Finally, remember that FIRE kills but you can prevent it. 
     Engr. Martin Agbili (AGILITY)


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