India Launches Program To Encourage Ideas For Innovation In Schools

In order to encourage innovations, the government has launched a scheme which can tap over one lakh ideas at the school level.

Under the scheme, ‘Million Minds of Innovation of Creativity’, or MIMIC, the Ministry of Science and Technology will ask over five lakh schools to give two ideas in pursuit of innovation.

“The idea could be given in any language,” said a top official.

Of these, 1 lakh ideas would be selected at the district level. The best ideas will be further filtered at the district and state level.

“At the state level, some 10,000 ideas will be shortlisted which will be given Rs. 5,000 each to remove any weaknesses in them.

“Some 1,000 ideas will be short-listed by a group of senior scientists at the national level,” the official said, adding that about 1,000 students will be mentored by senior scientists.


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