Babatope Agbeyo Invents Patented Multipurpose Mathematical Set

Babatope Agbeyo Invents Patented Multipurpose Mathematical Set

Without contradictions, Nigeria is adjudged as the giant of Africa considering her vast demography and massive population. Despite these known endowments, the country does not have a globally recognized product to its name.
However, turning the tide for good, Mr. Babatope Agbeyo, CEO of Cornfield Transnational Limited, a parent company to Media Concept International and Botosoft Technologies recorded a major milestone through the development of intellectual patented property known as KAPTEK set of mathematical instruments with an in-built scientific calculator. The made-in-Nigeria product is certified to be of high quality that meets international standard with a patent number: WO 2015063586 A1 as published by google.

The calculator is a non- programmable computer having in excess of 400 functions and is manufactured with examination and/or learning situations in mind. Such a computer, particularly one for use in examination conditions, will be silent with no audio or noisy keys, cordless in the sennse of not being dependent on a mains power supply, and including dry nonprogrammable batteries. The computer will preferably have no facility for a magnetic card input ‘or plug-in modules of program instruction. The product seamlessly has the capacity to help examination bodies like WAEC, NECO, JAMB etc, to curb malpractices.

Moreover, the instrument case includes no calculator secured to or built into its lid. In this embodiment, the entire upper surface of the instrument case is transparent. The side walls and base of the instrument case is transparent. One main advantage of instrument cases in accordance with the invention is that they assist invigilators in preventing examinees from carrying into an examination unauthorised items which could provide unacceptable assistance to the examinee to answer examination questions. The transparent lid of such an instrument case will either discourage items being brought into an examination or make such items more apparent to invigilators.

Besides, the transparent lid also has the advantage of enabling a student to recognise if an important item is missing from his or her instrument case. It is envisaged that instrument cases in accordance with the present invention containing only instruments relevant to the examination to be undertaken will be handed to examinees as they enter an examination venue, no other instruments not permitted can be brought to the respective examination by the examinees.

This invention emphatically relates to a closable instrument case for retaining inter alia a calculator and various drawing and other mathematical instruments used particularly by students and more especially for use by students or candidates in examination conditions.

It would be recalled that the West African Examination Council had once emphasized that it will inaugurate West African Senior School Certificate Examinations, “branded, non-programmable calculators and mathematical sets” for all its examinations. The initiative, the Council said, was to stop the increasing use of “programmable calculators” by candidates during examinations. However, Mr. Agbeyo’s innovation has the potential to help WAEC and other examination bodies and even Universities that conduct post UME tests to achieve their impervious or foolproof set objectives.

It would be noted that the nation currently import the masses of its mathematical set and the current political leadership is well on the way to ensure the patronage of local products. This innovation, if adopted, would go a long way in helping the country achieve this goal.


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