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    Ugomma Debbie Ogu: WHAT CAN WE DO FOR THE SOCIETY?


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    Ugomma Debbie Ogu: WHAT CAN WE DO FOR THE SOCIETY?

    Good morning to all the Engineers in the house.I want to stir our mind up and challenge us.There are numerous problems facing our country ranging from power,road,transport,water and food insecurity.While we cry out concerning what and what the government should or rather must do for us.

    Many of us studied different engineering courses.Have you thought of doing something to create employment? have you thought of establishing small business to render services? why cant you go into Agriculture (livestock or food crops)? why cant you research on other various forms of alternative energy to come up with a solution? Why cant you design a structure that will enhance the city and sell the idea? Why cant you think within and come up with a solution to a problem within your location or even the nation at large.

    What Nigeria needs now is innovation,fresh ideas,creativity and a willing mind to work.

    Most of those men and women we see out there don’t even have the basic skills,knowledge or education we got….yet the are making something out of life.What then is your excuse?
    The truth is that the government MUST not give everyone a job…..while you are waiting for it,why don’t you think within.Our crop of youths have become so lazy that we want to be fed,cleaned and even bathed.
    No one wants to start somewhere,no one wants to work hard,no one wants to face the challenges squarely to come out great.But yet we want to be successful,we want to make it big,we want to be influential….it wont come that easy.

    The time to wake up is now…..remember time waits for no one.Under the sun and in the rain people are making it. People have made it even in the midst of the worst situation…..SO WHAT IS STOPPING YOU?

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