The President’s Lamentation on the comatose state of Nigerian Textile Industry

The President's Lamentation on the comatose state of Nigerian Textile Industry

“I still recall with clarity that at some point, the textile industry in Nigeria was employing about 320,000 Nigerians. But today, the same industry employs less than 30,000 people and the factories operate below capacity or they are completely closed.

“I have made a promise to Nigerians that jobs will be created as part of efforts to revive the economy and that promise will be fulfilled. We will move as fast as we can to resuscitate the textile and mining industries, and also improve production in our agricultural sector.

“Now that we are trying to create jobs, we cannot allow industries and factories to close down. Instead, we should be making every effort to ensure that we re-open the closed ones and attract new ones to reduce unemployment,”

“We will move very quickly to see what we can do to help you and other investors in the country so that you can help us to create jobs for our people,’’

-President Muhammadu Buhari while addressing a cross section of foreign investors at the State House earlier today.


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